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entertaining writers of all time

i created the list acording to my aspects........and i'm not least sad of not including stephenie meyer
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    1947 stephen king ...well to say....he rulzzz.....

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    1955 john grisham is one of the few writers who won so many hearts with a single genre......law(the ...

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    1964 wht to say about this guy...he just changed the whole thriller department.....only a few ...

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    1965 eoin is my favourite writer and the mega selling auther of the artemis fowl series ....his ...

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    1952 may he rest in peace

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    1941 the vampire herself and a threat and virus to the rubbish twilight saga

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    1947 he's the top earning writer of the world(second is the rubbish writer and third is the one who ...

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    1890 lovecraft is good .he has been the prime enfluence of many horror writers including the ...

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    1967 her stories really help people connect and thts the only reson she's here apart frm she being ...

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