List of Epilepsy Drugs Drugs

List of Epilepsy Drugs

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List Criteria: Only common epilepsy drugs are listed.

List of drugs used to treat epilepsy, including various medications for epilepsy treatments. These medical treatments that are used to fight epilepsy are in alphabetical order, and may include pictures when available. If you are wondering, "What drugs are used to treat epilepsy?" consider that there are a variety of ways to treat epilepsy conditions. This epilepsy drug list includes the most common epilepsy medications and may include prescription drugs and nonprescription medications.

This list below has a variety of items, like Carbamazepine and Clonazepam, in it.

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    Trigeminal neuralgia, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Substance Withdrawal ...

  2. 2

    Myoclonic epilepsy, Panic disorder, Tic

  3. 3

    Ethosuximide Epilepsy, Absence seizure

  4. 4

    Felbamate Epilepsy, Complex Partial Epilepsy, Seizure

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    Gabapentin Trigeminal neuralgia, Focal epilepsy, Pain

  6. 6
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    Lacosamide Epilepsy

  7. 7

    Posttraumatic stress disorder, Focal epilepsy, Bipolar disorder

  8. 8

    Levetiracetam Focal epilepsy, Epilepsy

  9. 9

    Oxcarbazepine Focal epilepsy, Epilepsy

  10. 10

    Focal epilepsy, Benign neonatal epilepsy, Tonic–clonic seizure

  11. 11

    Pregabalin Epilepsy

  12. 12

    Primidone Tremor, Epilepsy

  13. 13

    Tiagabine Focal epilepsy, Bipolar disorder, Epilepsy

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