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Everyone's Biggest Pet Peeves

List Criteria: Vote up the things that drive you crazy, don't vote if they are only slightly annoying and downvote if they don't bug you at all. And rerank!

Everyone has stuff they hate... stuff that just gets under your skin more than other stuff. Sure, war and suffering is terrible and all, but don't you really hate it when someone smacks their food when they eat? Vote for the things you hate the MOST and if your pet peeve isn't here, add it to the bottom of the list!

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  1. 49
    Up 260
    Down 195

    added by MilhouseVanHauten ALL CAPS

    open report item
  2. 53
    Up 148
    Down 130

    added by mwahahahaha Abuse of the Word 'ironically'

    open report item
  3. 41
    Up 274
    Down 182

    Adding apostrophes to pluralize things

    open report item
  4. 65
    Up 2
    Down 3
    No image

    new! & added by BrendaSueAllan Apostrophies in the Wrong Place When Describing Belonging To, Wrong: Brenda's, Right: Brendas'

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  5. 18
    Up 419
    Down 157

    added by Desertrat89 Assuming that anyone whose political beliefs differ from yours is stupid

    open report item
  6. 51
    Up 140
    Down 115

    added by averagej123 Bad Urinal Spacing Guy

    open report item
  7. 75
    Up 89
    Down 156

    added by DennisNJ Baseball Caps On Backwards

    open report item
  8. 30
    Up 258
    Down 113

    added by Dismalhead Bicyclists Who Ride in Dangerous Places

    open report item
  9. 52
    Up 144
    Down 124

    added by Dismalhead Brodozers and the Kind of People Who Drive Them

    open report item
  10. 55
    Up 158
    Down 144

    added by carlybobarly Cell phone beeps and rings in public

    open report item
  11. 5
    Up 690
    Down 145

    Chewing with your mouth open

    open report item
  12. 61
    Up 21
    Down 15
    No image

    added by LuluBeans Companies Outsourcing Customer Service.

    open report item
  13. 50
    Up 222
    Down 189

    Comparing anyone or anything to Hitler

    open report item
  14. 66
    Up 78
    Down 92
    No image

    added by ChangesDownClub Couples Who Sit On One Side of a Restaurant Booth When They Are Alone

    open report item
  15. 2
    Up 791
    Down 111

    Cutting in line

    open report item
  16. 69
    Up 8
    Down 12
    No image

    added by WinstonWood Drivers Who Pass on The Right

    open report item
  17. 3
    Up 822
    Down 126

    Driving too slow in the fast lane

    open report item
  18. 22
    Up 472
    Down 197

    Duck face

    open report item
  19. 60
    Up 19
    Down 11
    No image

    added by JATny Excess Use of You Know, You Know?

    open report item
  20. 72
    Up 93
    Down 132

    added by mwahahahaha Excess of 'actually' in any language

    open report item
  21. 78
    Up 53
    Down 146

    added by clash1977 Guys Over 18 Wearing a Ball Players Name On Their Back

    open report item
  22. 25
    Up 164
    Down 38
    No image

    added by Loni Incompetent Employees

    open report item
  23. 28
    Up 366
    Down 171

    Leaving only just a little bit of something and putting it back in the fridge

    open report item
  24. 9
    Up 667
    Down 155

    Loud cellphone conversations in public

    open report item
  25. 16
    Up 339
    Down 101
    No image

    added by DebraDeLeon Not picking up after your dog

    open report item
  26. 6
    Up 703
    Down 153

    Not using turn signals

    open report item
  27. 13
    Up 594
    Down 151

    Not washing hands in the restroom

    open report item
  28. 17
    Up 313
    Down 98

    added by carlybobarly Obliviousness, in general

    open report item
  29. 45
    Up 205
    Down 136

    added by MattSchwarck Overuse of Epic and Amazing.

    open report item
  30. 4
    Up 743
    Down 118

    Parking a car across two spaces

    open report item
  31. 42
    Up 104
    Down 46

    added by marylgraham64 People Who Are Always Late

    open report item
  32. 15
    Up 293
    Down 75

    added by suwayedkhan People Who Are Missing While Pissing

    open report item
  33. 59
    Up 23
    Down 14

    added by psyl0c0 People Who Constantly Talk Too Low

    open report item
  34. 46
    Up 46
    Down 7
    No image

    added by WinstonWood People Who Don't Cover Their Cough/sneeze

    open report item
  35. 29
    Up 89
    Down 10
    No image

    added by MarieAltamirano People Who Don't Know About Personal Space

    open report item
  36. 32
    Up 90
    Down 18
    No image

    added by AnitaGreeneShell People Who Follow Too Closely in Traffic

    open report item
  37. 67
    Up 11
    Down 14
    No image

    added by WinstonWood People Who Have Hallway Conversations in Hotels Late at Night

    open report item
  38. 26
    Up 144
    Down 28

    added by marylgraham64 People Who Makes a Big Deal Out of Nothing.

    open report item
  39. 8
    Up 338
    Down 41
    No image

    added by MandyMehay People Who Never Shut Up and Talk Over You Constantly take a breath already

    open report item
  40. 56
    Up 150
    Down 139

    added by SteveSauder People Who Pronounce Nuclear As Nukular ... it's especially concerning when the president of the U.S. (yes, YOU, George W. Bush!) says it wrong!  If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't have your finger on ...

    open report item
  41. 62
    Up 38
    Down 37

    added by rah1st People Who Put Stupid Stuff On Serious Lists

    open report item
  42. 34
    Up 222
    Down 120

    added by mwahahahaha People Who Sing Justin Bieber Songs Just to Annoy People

    open report item
  43. 70
    Up 8
    Down 16
    No image

    added by WinstonWood People Who Stand at Sporting Events

    open report item
  44. 58
    Up 131
    Down 125

    added by Dismalhead People Who Talk On Thier Phones at the Grocery Store

    open report item
  45. 23
    Up 148
    Down 23

    added by top10s People Who Think Their Overly Annoying Children Are the Cutest Little Angels

    open report item
  46. 68
    Up 9
    Down 12
    No image

    added by WinstonWood People Whose Fashion Sense Gets Stuck in a Previous Era

    open report item
  47. 20
    Up 249
    Down 67

    added by Jimmers2 People in Comments Sections Who *Always* Find something to Bitch About

    open report item
  48. 57
    Up 159
    Down 153

    added by Clark Benson People who hum constantly, even when they don't actually have a melody in their head

    open report item
  49. 76
    Up 101
    Down 196

    People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk

    open report item
  50. 54
    Up 159
    Down 145

    added by TroelsRohdeFlanagan People who stand still in the middle of the escalator

    open report item
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