The World's Biggest Pet Peeves Will Instantly Annoy You Anything
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The World's Biggest Pet Peeves Will Instantly Annoy You

List Criteria: Vote up the things that drive you crazy, don't vote if they are only slightly annoying and downvote if they don't bug you at all. And rerank!

Everyone has stuff they hate... stuff that just gets under your skin more than other stuff. Sure, war and suffering is terrible and all, but don't you really hate it when someone smacks their food when they eat? Vote for the things you hate the MOST and if your pet peeve isn't here, add it to the bottom of the list!

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  1. 122
    Up 94
    Down 241

    added by dubier Quotation marks used instead of italics.

  2. 121
    Up 98
    Down 248

    added by clash1977 Guys Over 18 Wearing a Ball Players Name On Their Back

  3. 120
    Up 73
    Down 204

    added by kaylive Singing Under Your Breath in Public

  4. 119
    Up 3
    Down 36
    No image

    added by icoachfb Abe Jacob's Kiwi Leg Roll

  5. 118
    Up 155
    Down 295

    People who ride their bikes on the sidewalk

  6. 117
    Up 148
    Down 267

    added by DennisNJ Baseball Caps On Backwards

  7. 116
    Up 52
    Down 115

    added by WinstonWood People Whose Fashion Sense Gets Stuck in a Previous Era

  8. 115
    Up 55
    Down 119

    added by JATny Servers Who Constantly Say You Guys

  9. 114
    Up 1
    Down 13
    No image

    new! & added by crax Girls Who Are Afraid of Smiling and Keeping Eye Contact With Boys As If they always mean attraction and They Get Raped if they do so!

  10. 113
    Up 75
    Down 134

    added by MarySSpiegel Using Anyways Instead of Anyway

  11. 112
    Up 63
    Down 109

    added by WinstonWood People Who Stand at Sporting Events

  12. 111
    Up 145
    Down 204

    added by mwahahahaha Excess of 'actually' in any language

  13. 110
    Up 108
    Down 156

    added by CaroleArms Ticking Clocks

  14. 109
    Up 137
    Down 181

    added by ChangesDownClub Couples Who Sit On One Side of a Restaurant Booth When They Are Alone

  15. 108
    Up 40
    Down 54

    added by AlexanderRay Everyday People Who Try To Constantly Pull Off Shock Humor

  16. 107
    Up 191
    Down 230

    added by Dismalhead People Who Talk On Thier Phones at the Grocery Store

  17. 106
    Up 75
    Down 93

    added by WinstonWood Drivers Who Pass on The Right

  18. 105
    Up 1
    Down 0
    No image

    new! & added by scuddafan1 People Who Always Wear Pants That Are So Large They Can't Keep Them On

  19. 104
    Up 207
    Down 228

    added by SteveSauder People Who Pronounce Nuclear As Nukular ... it's especially concerning when the president of the U.S. (yes, YOU, George W. Bush!) says it wrong!  If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't have your finger on ...

  20. 103
    Up 52
    Down 56

    added by AlexanderRay Guests that Go #2 Nearly Everytime They Come Over to Your House (instead of waiting until they get home)

  21. 102
    Up 220
    Down 233

    added by carlybobarly Cell phone beeps and rings in public

  22. 101
    Up 6
    Down 2

    new! & added by looksharp Long Phone Menus

  23. 100
    Up 23
    Down 20

    added by looksharp Loud Restaurants

  24. 99
    Up 230
    Down 232

    added by Clark Benson People who hum constantly, even when they don't actually have a melody in their head

  25. 98
    Up 11
    Down 3
    No image

    new! & added by Sailor Esmeralda 83 People Who Won't Respect You Opinion Just Because It Doesn't Match Theirs

  26. 97
    Up 35
    Down 27

    added by LewisJones Sports Fans Who Worship Players/teams

  27. 96
    Up 207
    Down 205

    added by Dismalhead Brodozers and the Kind of People Who Drive Them

  28. 95
    Up 242
    Down 240

    added by TroelsRohdeFlanagan People who stand still in the middle of the escalator

  29. 94
    Up 31
    Down 21

    added by sdtjsaint People Who Believe That Glee's Covers Are Better Than the Original Songs

  30. 93
    Up 70
    Down 59

    added by AlexanderRay Teenagers Who Tell You The Beatles Suck but Screamo is Good Music

  31. 92
    Up 18
    Down 6
    No image

    new! & added by Smoovious People who act like they know, just because they heard someone else say it.

  32. 91
    Up 19
    Down 7

    added by MarkettaShereeLaboo People Putting On Their Turning Signal Right As They Are Making the Turn

  33. 90
    Up 31
    Down 19

    added by looksharp Getting Annoyed at Bad Grammar

  34. 89
    Up 69
    Down 57

    added by TeresaDSwanbeck People Who Don't Respond to Invitations

  35. 88
    Up 156
    Down 143

    added by MattCooper Prius Drivers Who Are Self Justified

  36. 87
    Up 221
    Down 204

    added by mwahahahaha Abuse of the Word 'ironically'

  37. 86
    Up 72
    Down 53

    added by Jacquelyn Tip Jars at Carryout Restaurants

  38. 85
    Up 34
    Down 14

    added by looksharp Everything Is Made in China and It's All Crap

  39. 84
    Up 130
    Down 106

    added by rah1st People Who Put Stupid Stuff On Serious Lists

  40. 83
    Up 219
    Down 188

    added by averagej123 Bad Urinal Spacing Guy

  41. 82
    Up 62
    Down 37

    added by Jacquelyn Harsh Overhead Lights in Restaurants

  42. 81
    Up 61
    Down 31
    No image

    added by natepull1515 When People Ask Dumb Questions. It That Chocolate Cake? Nope It's Poop Pie!

  43. 80
    Up 345
    Down 288

    Comparing anyone or anything to Hitler

  44. 79
    Up 40
    Down 9

    added by looksharp Wrong Carry-out Order

  45. 78
    Up 122
    Down 82

    added by JATny Excess Use of You Know, You Know?

  46. 77
    Up 119
    Down 72

    added by WinstonWood People Who Have Hallway Conversations in Hotels Late at Night

  47. 76
    Up 89
    Down 46

    added by AlexanderRay People Who Ride Their Bikes in a Car Lane

  48. 75
    Up 40
    Down 6

    added by looksharp Too Much Traffic

  49. 74
    Up 94
    Down 49

    added by Jacquelyn People Who Sing to a Song but Don't Know the Words

  50. 73
    Up 106
    Down 55

    added by DominickAnthonyDonoflio People Coming to a Complete Stop Before Making a Right Turn Off the Main Road

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