EW.com's Great TV Doctors And Nurses TV Characters
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EW.com's Great TV Doctors And Nurses

According to EW.com's list of great television doctors and nurses, if you were a fictional character and needed medical attention, you'd want to be taken care of by these popular TV caregivers. While they may be actors in real life, these fine folks were the best at mending their patients on the small screen as television health care professionals.

These television doctors and nurses gave us the warm fuzzies regardless of what kind of series they were part of. Many series, such as shows like E.R., Scrubs and M*A*S*H, were centered on the doctors and nurses themselves while others, such as LOST, The Cosby Show and Star Trek, simply happened to be doctors and nurses by profession. Even animated characters made this list from Entertainment Weekly with Dr. Nick Rivera, a physician on The Simpsons making the cut.

Regardless of how integral the character's profession was to the series, these favorites remain in our hearts as the fictional doctors and nurses that we'd like to meet in a time of need. They may not be real doctors or nurses in real life, but they do play them on TV and for that we love them.

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    Portrayed by Edie Falco on Nurse Jackie

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