EW's 10 of Our Favorite Beauty Pageant Movies Films
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EW's 10 of Our Favorite Beauty Pageant Movies

EW's list of the top 10 beauty pageant movies. These are the best beauty pageant films ever made. Over the years, there have a been a number of movies about beauty pageants made. However, only a 10 can be labeled as the best by the entertainment magazine. These movies are popular with both movie fans and critics alike. These movies range from comedies to dramas, but the one common bond is that people seem to really like these movies.

What are EW's 10 favorite beauty pageant movies? Take a look at this list and you'll find out for yourself.

For the full article and photo gallery go to: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20246950_20263257_20280438,00.html
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