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Extinct Mammals

A list of mammals that are facing immediate extinction or have already gone extinct. Some of these extinct animals have disappeared directly due to humans, often as a result of over-hunting, but changes in habitats and climates, as well as other natural factors, have also contributed. In November of 2011, it was announced that the last wild Western Black Rhino specimens had died out, thus indicating that it was the latest mammal species to go extinct. Other rhino species - such as the Javan Rhino, the White Rhino of Central Africa and the Northern White Rhino - are also under the immediate threat of extinction.

It is estimated that about 25% of the mammals currently alive on Earth are at some risk of extinction, despite the efforts of environmental and conservation agencies worldwide. The largest causes remain the loss of habitat - in large part due to man-made pollution or the expansion of human civilization - though poaching remains a prevalent issue in much of the world.

This list is not entirely complete, as it's unknown exactly what the status is for many mammalian species. But it does attempt to collect, in one place, known mammal species that have become extinct.

[NOTE: Because these species are extinct, in some cases, photos of closely-related species will be used on the list.]

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    Lord Howe Long-eared Bat Bat. Extinct since 1996, Australia.

  2. 52
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    Maclear's Rat Rodent. Extinct since 1903, Christmas Island.

  3. 53
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    Marcano's Solenodon Soricimorph.

  4. 54
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    Martinique Giant Rice Rat Rodent. Extinct since 1902, Martinique.

  5. 55
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    Martinique muskrat Rodent. Extinct since 1903, Martinique.

  6. 56
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    Megaoryzomys curioi Rodent.

  7. 57
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    Mexican grizzly bear Carnivore. Extinct since 1960, Mexico.

  8. 58
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    Montane Hutia Rodent.

  9. 59
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    Nelson's Rice Rat Rodent. Extinct since 1897, Islas Marias.

  10. 60
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    Nendo Tube-nosed Fruit Bat Bat. Extinct since 1907, Solomon Islands.

  11. 61
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    New Zealand Greater Short-tailed Bat Bat. Extinct since 1988, New Zealand.

  12. 62
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    North African Elephant Proboscid.

  13. 63
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    Oriente Cave Rat Rodent.

  14. 64
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    Pallid Beach Mouse Rodent. Extinct since 1959, Florida.

  15. 65
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    Panay Giant Fruit Bat Bat. Extinct since 1892, Philippines.

  16. 66
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    Pemberton's Deer Mouse Rodent. Extinct since 1931, San Pedro Island.

  17. 67
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    Pig-footed Bandicoot Marsupial. Extinct since 1950s, Australia.

  18. 68
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    Puerto Rican Flower Bat Bat.

  19. 69
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    Puerto Rican Hutia Rodent.

  20. 70
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    Pyrenean Ibex Artiodactyl. Extinct since 2000, Pyrenees.

  21. 71
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    The quagga Perissodactyl. Extinct since 1883, South Africa.

  22. 72
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    Queen of Sheba's Gazelle Artiodactyl. Extinct since 1951, Yemen.

  23. 73
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    Red Gazelle Artiodactyl. Extinct since 1894, Algeria.

  24. 74
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    Red-bellied Gracile Opossum Marsupial. Extinct since 1962, Argentina.

  25. 75
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    Sardinian Pika Lagomorph. Extinct since 1774, Sardinia.

  26. 76
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    Saudi Gazelle Artiodactyl.

  27. 77
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    Schomburgk's Deer Artiodactyl. Extinct since 1932, Thailand.

  28. 78
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    Sea Mink Carnivore. Extinct since 1894, Northeastern North America.

  29. 79
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    Short-tailed Hopping Mouse Rodent. Extinct since 1896, Australia.

  30. 80
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    St Lucy Giant Rice Rat Rodent. Extinct since 1881, Saint Lucia.

  31. 81
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    Steller's sea cow Sirenian. Extinct since 1768, Commander Islands.

  32. 82
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    Sturdee's Pipistrelle Bat. Extinct since 2000, Japan.

  33. 83
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    Syrian Elephant Proboscid.

  34. 84
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    Syrian Wild Ass Perissodactyl. Extinct since 1928, Syria.

  35. 85
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    Tarpan Perissodactyl. Extinct since 1919, Eurasia.

  36. 86
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    Thylacine Marsupial. Extinct since 1936, Tasmania, Australia.

  37. 87
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    Toolache Wallaby Marsupial. Extinct since 1943, Australia.

  38. 88
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    Torre's Cave Rat Rodent.

  39. 89
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    Tule Shrew Soricimorph.

  40. 90
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    Verhoeven's Giant Tree Rat Rodent. Extinct since 1500, Indonesia.

  41. 91
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    Western Black Rhinoceros Perissodactyl. Extinct since 2011, West Africa.

  42. 92
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    White-footed Rabbit-rat Rodent. Extinct since 1870, Australia.

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