7 Facts That Will Ruin Your Favorite Childhood Films Anything
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7 Facts That Will Ruin Your Favorite Childhood Films

This list of insider facts and shocking behind-the-scenes stories from your favorite childhood movies will ruin many innocent childhood memories forever. There are a lot of things that can ruin a movie that younger-you loved. Sometimes it’s learning something weird about a cast member. Sometimes it’s bad science. Or sometimes, it’s finding out that maybe a ton of cats might have died filming Milo and Otis.

Whatever the reason, nothing kicks nostalgia in its warm fuzzy nuts like FACTS. Facts stick to your favorite childhood stuff like scented scratch 'n' sniff stickers. The true facts on this list will leave your favorite childhood films in question, and you'll never be able to enjoy them in the same way again.

From Finding Nemo, to classics like The Wizard of Oz, what are the true stories behind some of your favorite kids movies? Read through the list below for have these movies ruined for you.