Fake TV Shows on The Simpsons TV Programs
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Fake TV Shows on The Simpsons

List of fictional TV shows depicted on the FOX animated series "The Simpsons." Throughout its more than 20 years on television, "The Simpsons" has found opportunities to mock just about every other popular TV show and genre. Sometimes, the show will call out other series by name in their parodies, as they have done with direct jokes about "Married with Children," "Ren and Stimpy" and "COPS." But other times, "Simpsons" writers will create their own heightened versions of popular TV shows - or invent original TV concepts out of whole cloth - and then use these to skewer real TV shows or even whole networks. (Examples include "Don't Go There," intended as a parody of the then-popular "Friends" and "Chop Shop'd," a parody of "Punk'd" in which celebrity guests have their cars destroyed.)

This perfectly cromulent list collects together all the joke, fictional TV shows featured on episodes of "The Simpsons." When possible, the specific target of the parody is also identified.
  1. 1

    1895 Challenge

    Parody of "PBSs The 1900 House"
  2. 2

    Admiral Baby

  3. 3

    Afternoon Yak

    Parody of "ABC's The View"
  4. 4

    All in the Family 1999

  5. 5

    All-Star Boxing

  6. 6

    America's Funniest Tornadoes

  7. 7

    America's Most Armed and Dangerous

    Parody of "America's Most Wanted"
  8. 8

    Animal Survivor

  9. 9

    Battling Seizure Robots

  10. 10

    Carnival of the Stars

    Parody of "Circus of the Stars"
  11. 11

    Chop Shop'd

    Parody of "Punk'd"
  12. 12

    COPS in Springfield

  13. 13

    Curling for Loonies

  14. 14

    Do Shut Up

  15. 15

    Don't Go There

    Parody of "Friends"
  16. 16

    Dónde Está Justice?

    Parody of "Divorce Court"
  17. 17

    Edward the Penitent

    Parody of "Edward the Confessor"
  18. 18

    Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644!

  19. 19

    Eye on Eye on Springfield

  20. 20

    Eye on Springfield

  21. 21

    Fart Date

  22. 22

    Frame Up

  23. 23

    Grade School Challenge

  24. 24

    Happy Little Elves

  25. 25

    Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show

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