Fall Fashion Trends Anything
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Fall Fashion Trends

Didn't get a seat at New York's Fashion Week? Don't worry - here's your ticket to the real person's runway.

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  1. Long Cardies

    This fall, size matters. Girls will be looking for length - particularly in their cardigans. Whether belted or buttoned or asymmetrical, long cardies are covering the NY runways this week. Grab a few to cover yourself, as well.

  2. Asymmetry

    Alexander McQueen (designer, L), isn’t the only one who’s seeing crooked. Designers everywhere are embracing the asymmetrical look: One-shouldered tops and dresses, uneven hem lines, sweaters and shirts that are longer on one side than the other. It’s absolutely fantastic – you should give it a try. Come on, it’s the latest thing and all the cool kids are doing it.

  3. Graytoned Nail Polish

    This fall, everybody's going gray.

    Dark and stormy not your thing? Never fear: We're going to be seeing light - almost pastel gray - too. Word has it that Fall's hottest French manicures will be tinged the slightest little bit with this pensive, but incredibly popular color.

    So whatever your style, this fall, gray matters.

  4. Zippers

    Everything from sweaters to shoes will be sporting zippers up, down and sideways - we're even going to see zippers to nowhere as the weather cools down. The more, the better. So zip it, kids!

  5. Thighhigh Boots

    For me, the big question is: When haven't thigh-high boots looked smoking hot? I guess now they're just hotter than ever. And since lace is also coming back, that potent combo lends itself to all sorts of delectable possibilities. Just picture a little sumthin' sumthin' paired with boots that climb all the way to Christmas. I have a feeling this look won't be going away for a long, long time.

  6. Bold

    Whether we're talking neon colors or bodacious baubles, this is not the season for shrinking violets!

    Big patterns, vibrant colors and chunky jewelry will all be sharing the spotlight this fall.

    The best thing about the bold and the beautiful? You're sure to strike gold at the local Goodwill or consignment shop where there are still ample amounts of outfits from the eighties. Who said you have to go broke to be a fashionista?

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