Things Only People Who Fall Asleep to Law & Order: SVU Understand Anything

Things Only People Who Fall Asleep to Law & Order: SVU Understand

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In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. And if you’re a normal human being, you fall asleep to them almost ever damn night. Falling asleep with Law & Order: SVU on is something that everyone from famous comedians, to people in your office do, and it’s strange that a show about the most heinous crimes known to man is so comforting to people who are drifting off to sleep. Sleeping to Law & Order should be something that only serial killers do, but thanks to the long-running show's stranglehold on television and every streaming service, there’s actually nothing better to lull you to sleep.

One of the signs you watch too much Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is that you don't own a white noise machine. Where some people turn on a fan or humidifier to help them konk out, you fire up your trusty laptop and choose a new nightmare to play every night to coax the sandman out of the sky. Whether you’re someone who uses SVU to fall asleep, or you just marathon it like a monster, there are some Law and Order-based behaviors on this list that you’ll surely recognize.

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    You Can Merely Listen to Every Scene and Know Exactly What Is Happening

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    The Words "In the Criminal Justice System" are Basically a Cup of Warm Tea

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    You Need to Keep the TV at a Perfect Volume So the SVU BOM BOM Doesn't Wake You Up

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    Words Like Torture, Rape, and Suffering Don't Even Phase You

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    The First Person They Interrogate Usually Didn't Do It, So It's Not Time to Fall Asleep Yet

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    When You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night, Benson's Haircut Will Tell You How Long You've Been Asleep

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    If You're Going Through Old Seasons You Open One Eye to Confirm Now-Famous Actors' Voices

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    You Don't Need to Pause the Show for Bathroom Breaks

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    Benson and Stabler Sharing the Screen Is the Most Comforting Sound in the World

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    You Hold Off on Sleep to Hear Exactly What Ice-T Has to Say

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    The Clarinet Part of the Law & Order: SVU Theme Song Is the Most Comforting Sound in the World

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    You Wake Up Slightly When You Realize Which Current Event They're "Covering"

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    The Fading of Music or the End of a Sentence Followed with a Few Seconds of Silence = "Executive Producer Dick Wolf"

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    You Can Fall Asleep 15 Minutes Into Any Episode Because by Then You Know Who Did It

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    You Can Fall Asleep to It Because You Know That, for the Characters Who Matter, Everything Will Be Okay

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    Waking Up to the Middle of an Episode You Like Is the Best Feeling Ever

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    It Does Not Matter When You Fall Asleep During the Episode

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    "Haha of COURSE I'm Still Watching, Netflix..." *click* -You

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    It Does Not Matter If Your S.O. Has Never Seen an Episode, They Can Sleep to It Too

  20. 20
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    The Sound of an Episode Ending Noes Not Equal the Need to Get Up and Choose a New One

  21. 21
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    Your Soul Is Dead and It's Nothing for You to Sleep Through the World's Worst Crimes

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    The Fake Names They Give Real Things Will Wake You Slightly with Laughter

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    Co-Producer Speed Weed Will Never Not Be Funny, No Matter How Tired You Are

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    The Gunshot Foley Is Mixed Perfectly for You to Not be Startled Awake by It

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    You Only Fall Asleep to Episodes with Stabler in Them

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