Famous (Alleged) Illuminati Members People
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Famous (Alleged) Illuminati Members

List of Famous Illuminati Members Past and Present, supposedly. So, who are Illuminati? The following list is of alleged celebrity Illuminati Members as reported by various sources. These possible famous Illuminati members range from world leaders to pop culture celebrities. The Illuminati was founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. It was initially created to house the great thinkers of the area and was modeled after another secret society, the Freemasons. A few years later the government outlawed all secret societies so the Illuminati was thought to be disbanded, though they have been the focus of numerous conspiracy theories throughout the years. Some theories are that the Illuminati members run the world behind the scenes as a New World Order, some say that the Illuminati is run by shape-shifting lizard/human hybrids. In any case the debate of who is a member of the Illuminati has captured our fascination for years. Who are famous Illuminati members? This list is a culmination of names of supposed celebrity Illuminati Members from various internet sources and should not be considered definitive.
  1. 1975 More
    Angelina Jolie has long been associated with the Illuminati.  Her film "Tomb ...
  2. 1981 More
    The Hilton's are a very prominent family and it is thought that the Illuminati perform mind ... more
  3. 1981 More
    Britney Spears is widely believed to be another victim of Illuminati mind control.  Also ... more
  4. 1980 More
    Kim Kardashian has denied that she is a member of the Illuminati, but her soon-to-be husband ... more
  5. 1988 More
    Rihanna's music video for "What Now" is full of Illuminati imagery.  She also ... more
  6. 1966 More
    Halle Berry is widely believed to be a member of the Illuminati.
  7. 1981 More
    Jay-Z and Beyonce are believed to be prominent members of the Illuminati.  Beyonce ...
  8. 1992 More
    Miley Cyrus has fully embraced Illuminati symbolism.  She also has a tattoo of the all ... more
  9. 1958 More
    Like Beyonce, Madonna also used her Super Bowl performance as a platform to showcase ...
  10. 1977 More
    Kanye West is widely believed to be in the Illuminati.  His video for "Power" ... more
  11. 1961 More
    Barack Obama has been photographed making the Illuminati sign of the devil.  His ...
  12. 1946 More
    Like Barack Obama, George Bush has also been photographed making the sign of the devil with ... more
  13. 1889 More
    It is largely believed that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were funded by the Illuminati.  ... more
  14. 1986 More
    Lady Gaga frequently highlights Illuminati symbols and imagery into her music videos and ... more
  15. 1994 More
    Justin Bieber has denied being a member of the Illuminati, but he has several Illuminati ... more
  16. 1969 More
    Jay-Z has fully embraced the diamond hand sign of the Illuminati and he frequently encourages ... more
  17. 1958 More
    Michael Jackson featured Illuminati imagery on his "Dangerous" album cover.  It ... more
  18. 1878 More
    Russian dictator Joseph Stalin was believed to be working for the Illuminati, who were funding ... more
  19. 1946 More
    Bill Clinton has been photographed demonstrating Illuminati hand symbols.  He is also ... more
  20. 1911 More
    Ronald Reagan has been photographed displaying Illuminati hand symbols.   He is also ... more
  21. 1941 More
    It is largely believed that Dick Cheney controlled the Bush administration to promote the ... more
  22. 1917 More
    It is believed that John F. Kennedy was previously working with the Illuminati.  When he ... more
  23. 1981 More
    On Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire" album cover, she is standing in what may be an ...
  24. 1955 More
    Bill Gates is arguably one of the most powerful men in the world.  He is suspected of ... more
  25. 1874 More
    It has been alleged that Winston Churchill was working with the Illuminati throughout ...

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