Famous Actresses You'd Want to Go on a Road Trip With

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List Criteria: Turn up the tunes, hit a Taco Bell drive thru, and vote up the famous actresses you'd most want as road trip buddies.

There's nothing like hitting the open road for an epic road trip. It's the American way! But what if instead of a normal road trip, you could take a fancy, high-class, star-studded, celebrity road trip? Any of these fun ladies, who also happen to be famous actresses, would make excellent road trip companions, though some might be better than others.

A road trip co-pilot is essential. You'll need someone to argue about the best navigation apps with, so it might as well be a famous actress. Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Poehler, or Charlize Theron? Pack the snacks, queue up your ultimate playlist, and grab a neck pillow, it's time to take in the spectacular sights (and the monotony of the looong open road) with some of the best actresses. They're j
okesters, dancers, singers, and party girls, so the long days of driving will fly right by (hopefully).

So vote up your ideal travel partner from the famous actresses below, or add your dream co-pilot. And before you embark on your big celebrity road trip, don't forget to prepare by watching at least a few of the classic road trip movies on this list.
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    Julia Roberts is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list Famous Actresses You'd Want to Go on a Road Trip With
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    As one of Forbes's 20 Highest Paid Actresses, a road trip with Julia Roberts would be fancier than any trip you'd take on your own. No Motel 6 on a Julia journey!

    Roberts loves to knit, a great activity for when you're sitting in a car for hours, but still want to be able to chat. She does have a bit of a reputation for being rude, but hopefully she'll only snap at gas station attendants, instead of you.

    - She's got the coin to foot the bill.
    - Roberts drives a Prius – think of the money you'll save on gas.
    - Maybe you'll get a handmade scarf at the end of your trip (that you can later sell on Ebay).
    - Rudeness on the road is a recipe for one miserable trip.
    - She's a big Dave Matthews Band fan, so hopefully she'll let you pick the music.
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    Lindsay Lohan is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list Famous Actresses You'd Want to Go on a Road Trip With
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    Traveling with VIP and renowned party girl LiLo, you'll get in to any club you want. Sure, she might be a bit unstable, but that's just all part of the excitement, right? You only live once!
    - Access to all the hot clubs along your travels.
    - She's supposedly sober now, so you'll always have a designated driver, even after the wildest nights on the road.

    - On second thought, maybe don't let her drive.
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