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Famous American Serial Killers People
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Famous American Serial Killers

American serial killers list - a comprehensive list of known serial killers. Who are some famous serial killers? America's serial killers are catalogued here. Serial killers in the USA outnumber other countries on a per capita basis, but this may be due to better law enforcement records. These killers have many victims to their name. Who are the most infamous serial killers? This list of US serial killers is alphabetical by first name; you can sort by any column. This is a list of famous American serial killers. US notable serial killers are on this list. The most notorious US serial killers found here can be copied to make your very own list of the most famous serial killers in the United States. List can then be re-ordered to fit your needs.
  1. 1
    1933 More
    convicted of murdering three prostitutes in Dallas, Texas; sentenced to life imprisonment in ... more
  2. 2
    1896 More
    aka "The Alligator Man"; killed at least 20 women in the early 20th century in Texas ... more
  3. 3
    1947 More
    suspected of killing 20+ men along I-70; fled and committed suicide after remains of 11 were ... more
  4. 4
    1953 More
    aka "Son of Sam" and "The .44 Caliber Killer"; convicted of six murders in ... more
  5. 5

    Bloody Benders

    family who killed guests at their inn in Labette County, Kansas in 1872
  6. 6
    1949 More
    convicted of killing six men in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri; sexually tortured and ...
  7. 7
    1951 More
    aka the "Hillside Strangler"; killers of 13 women and possibly involved in three ... more
  8. 8
    1934 More
    aka the "Hillside Strangler"; killers of 13 women and possibly involved in three ... more
  9. 9
    1940 More
    convicted of killing five people in the early 1980s in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area; ... more
  10. 10
    1952 More
    Utah man who murdered five young boys; executed in 1988
  11. 11
  12. 12
    1940 More
    kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered five girls in 1979
  13. 13

    Terry Blair

    1961 More
  14. 14
    1947 More
    aka "The Freeway Killer"; with several accomplices, claimed the lives of 20 boys in ... more
  15. 15
    1952 More
    convicted of two murders in Colorado; confessed to 48 murders
  16. 16
    1939 More
    aka "The Lust Killer" and "Shoe Fetish Slayer"; killed at least five women ... more
  17. 17
    1946 More
    law student who raped and murdered more than 35 women in six states; executed in Florida State ... more
  18. 18
    1930 More
    aka the "Trailside Killer"; murdered five women on San Francisco-area hiking trails ... more
  19. 19

    Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson

    nomadic hippie killers involved in the counter-culture movement; suspects in 12 homicides; ... more
  20. 20
    1955 More
    murdered at least four women
  21. 21
    1950 More
    aka "The Vampire of Sacramento"; murdered six people in California the 1970s
  22. 22
    1948 More
  23. 23
    1942 More
    aka "Sunset Strip Killers"; killed at least seven people during 1980
  24. 24
    1938 More
    killed 16 people between 1948 and 1980; executed in 1985
  25. 25
    1955 More
    multi-state killer whose killings took place during two months in 1984 aided by Debra Denise ... more

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