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Famous American Serial Killers People
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Famous American Serial Killers

American serial killers list - a comprehensive list of known serial killers. Who are some famous serial killers? America's serial killers are catalogued here. Serial killers in the USA outnumber other countries on a per capita basis, but this may be due to better law enforcement records. These killers have many victims to their name. Who are the most infamous serial killers? This list of US serial killers is alphabetical by first name; you can sort by any column. This is a list of famous American serial killers. US notable serial killers are on this list. The most notorious US serial killers found here can be copied to make your very own list of the most famous serial killers in the United States. List can then be re-ordered to fit your needs.
  1. 26

    Ray -Copeland

    oldest couple ever sentenced to death in the United States at the ages of 75 and 69; convicted ... more
  2. 27
    1921 More
    oldest couple ever sentenced to death in the United States at the ages of 75 and 69; convicted ... more
  3. 28
    1939 More
    committed the Houston Mass Murders in the 1970s
  4. 29
    1955 More
    committed the Houston Mass Murders in the 1970s
  5. 30
    1956 More
  6. 31
  7. 32
    1960 More
    nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who killed as many as 40 patients through lethal ...
  8. 33
    1969 More
    murdered five people, including fashion designer Gianni Versace, in a cross-country journey ... more
  9. 34
    1960 More
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin cannibal who kept heads, skulls and body parts in his apartment for ... more
  10. 35
    1931 More
    aka "The Boston Strangler"; convicted of unrelated rapes; DeSalvo was never indicted ... more
  11. 36
    1961 More
    raped and murdered three boys in 1989; executed on January 5, 1993
  12. 37
    1964 More
    confessed to raping and murdering at least 23 men in Louisiana; sentenced to eight life ...
  13. 38
    1905 More
    aka "The Giggling Granny" and "The Jolly Black Widow"; serial poisoner who ... more
  14. 39
    1970 More
    murdered 7 in southeast United States between 1997 and 2003; may have killed while stationed ... more
  15. 40
    1918 More
    convicted of murdering three children after confessing to the murders of six in Los Angeles ... more
  16. 41
    1914 More
    aka the "Lonely Hearts Killers"; killed at least three women and one child in the ... more
  17. 42

    Martha Jule Beck

  18. 43
    1870 More
    aka the "Werewolf of Wisteria"; sadist and pedophile who cannibalized several ...
  19. 44
    1961 More
    aka "Wayward Wayne"; confessed to murdering four women; believed to have killed ... more
  20. 45
    1971 More
    serial killer from Poughkeepsie, New York who targeted prostitutes; after strangling the ... more
  21. 46
    1950 More
    racist serial killer who targeted interracial couples and attempted to assassinate Larry Flynt ... more
  22. 47
    1942 More
    aka "Killer Clown"; killer of at least 33 men and boys; kept bodies buried under his ... more
  23. 48

    Gerald and Charlene Gallego

    aka the "Gallego Sex Slaves Killers"; kidnapped, raped and killed victims in the ... more
  24. 49
    1952 More
    convicted of the murders of seven elderly women in Georgia
  25. 50
    1933 More
    aka "Meanest Man in America"; convicted of nine murders; confessed to more than 200; ... more

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