Famous Architects from Iran Architects
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Famous Architects from Iran

List of famous architects from Iran. This Iranian architects list features photos when available, along with info like birthdates, famous structures, and where the architects were born in Iran. The notable architects of Iran are listed alphabetically, and clicking on each name leads to a page featuring the biography of the architect. This list helps answer the questions "What architects are from Iran?" and "Who are the best Iranian architects?" This list has a variety of items in it, from Baha' al-Din al-'Amili to Baha' al-Din al-'Amili. (5 Items)
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    Died at 75 (1903-1978)

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    Died at 74 (1547-1621)

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    Hooshang Seyhoun Died at 94 (1920-2014)

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    Kamran Diba age 78

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    ) open
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