Famous Athletes Convicted of Homicide Athletes
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Famous Athletes Convicted of Homicide

This list features famous athletes who have been convicted of homicide or related crimes, whether it be murder, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, or conspiracy to commit murder. Both professional and amateur athletes have been included, although amateurs on this list must have competed in the Olympics or some other equal level of competition.

Who are some sports stars convicted of murder? Bertil Fox and Craig MacTavish are just two notable individuals in the sports world who are on this list. While Fox was, in fact, convicted of murder, MacTavish's charge was manslaughter.

If there are any athletes convicted of murder missing here, please feel free to let us know in the comments. For whatever reason, jocks have a knack for getting themselves into trouble with the law – but these homicidal athletes are the most extreme cases.

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    Bertil Fox

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    Former bodybuilder Bertil Fox was imprisoned in 1998 after he was convicted of the murder of his former fiancee, Leyonca Browne, and her mother, Violet Browne. Both were shot to death on September 30, 1997, on the island of St. Kitts. Initially, Fox was tried and a hung jury allowed him to go free. Public outrage, however, led to a retrial, where Fox was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty. Later, the sentence was deemed unconstitutional, and Fox has been in a St. Kitts prison ever sense.

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