Famous Basketball Players from New Zealand Basketball Players
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Famous Basketball Players from New Zealand

List of famous basketball players from New Zealand, listed alphabetically with photos of the players when available. New Zealand has produced some very talented basketball players over the years, including centers, guards and forwards. These are some of the best Kiwi basketball players to ever live, so if you're a native of New Zealand and are aspiring to play ball professionally then these people should be your idols. If you're searching for a particular popular basketball player from New Zealand then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

List contains players like Robert Loe and Mark Dickel.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Kiwi basketball players?" and "Which basketball players are from New Zealand?"

You can click on the names of these legendary basketball players of New Zealand in order to get more information about each one. If you play basketball or just love the sport then use this list of talented Kiwi basketball players to find some athletes you haven't heard of before.

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    Position: Center
    Nationality: New Zealand
  2. 2

    Andrew Wheeler

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    Nationality: New Zealand
  3. 3
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    Nationality: New Zealand
  4. 4
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    Position: Power forward, Center
    Nationality: Australia, New Zealand
  5. 5

    Ash Rees

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    Nationality: New Zealand
  6. 6

    BJ Anthony

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    Position: Small forward, Power forward
    Nationality: New Zealand
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