What Famous Cat Do You Want as a Pet?

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List Criteria: Vote up the celebrity kitties you want to take home with you

Which famous cat would you want as a pet? It seems like every few months, a new cat takes the World Wide Web by storm. First, he pops up on reddit. Next, he stars in a video on Cute Overload or Buzzfeed, and soon, he's got thousands of followers on Instagram. Before you know it, someone's pet is leading a panel at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival. Then there's the merchandising! Merchandising! where the real money is made. I mean, I have a Grumpy Cat snow globe on my desk right now... Between the minor celebrity and the extra cash flowing in, which of these kitties do you want for your own? Consider their interests, assets, and faults to decide which fits best in your life.
Collection Photo:  Pexels
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