Famous Celebrity Sex Addicts People
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Famous Celebrity Sex Addicts

Famous sex addicts list includes some of the most notable people in history who claim to be addicted to having sex. From athletes like Tiger Woods to actors like Charlie Sheen and David Duchovny, there are numerous celeb sex addicts who claim it's their head to the south that does all the decision making. 

Who are some famous sex addicts? This list of celebrity sex addicts - famous people who have admitted to being sex addicts or entered treatment for sexual addiction. Celebrity sex rehab is booming! This list of famous sex addicts and celebrities who have been treated for hypersexual disorder is alphabetical and can be sorted on any column.

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    He's reportedly done it with 5,000 women. Maxim magazine says so in their Top 100 "Living Sex Legends" List.

    CLICK HERE to read up on Charlie Sheen's latest scandal.

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