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Famous Christians Who Converted to Judaism People
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Famous Christians Who Converted to Judaism

List of notable Christians who converted to Judaism, with photos. These former Christians who became Jewish converts switched their religion for many different reasons. Some of these converted Jews did so out of deep religious research, others converted for marriage reasons. This alphabetical list of famous Judaism converts includes both historical figures and current figures. Among the well-known "new Jews" of recent times, probably the most famous are Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis, Jr.

Who are famous converts to Judaism? This list take the big name celebrities who decided to become Jews. The conversion process is difficult, so these famous Jews went through a lot to call themselves Hebrews and deserve the conversion.
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    Born: 1835
    Birthplace: Milneburg, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America
    Profession: Actor, Artist
    Date Of Death: 1868
    Place Of Death: Paris, France
    Adah Isaacs Menken : see more

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