9 Famous Criminals Who Were Murdered in Prison

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For some criminals, the notoriety that comes with getting caught for murder, rape, and other horrific crimes is exactly what they want. The newspaper articles, biographies, and constant attention that are often attached to the world’s most evil crimes give certain criminals a sense of purpose, as if they are celebrities who will have their names remembered long after they’re dead. Unfortunately, being a notorious criminal also has plenty of downsides, especially when you’re heading to a prison filled with other hardened criminals. For a few famous criminals, fame is what leads to their untimely death within the walls of prison.


If you’ve been wondering “Who are the most famous criminals to be murdered in prison?” this list holds the answers. The men on this list have proved that maintaining a low profile in prison beats having a famous name, since being well known for their heinous crimes is what got many of these criminals a death sentence not ordered by the legal system.


From cannibalistic serial killers to pedophiles who ruined the lives of hundreds of children, the men on this list were murdered in prison by fellow inmates, whether it was due to their notoriety or personal issues.

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