Famous Drug-related Deaths & Celebrity Drug Overdoses People
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Famous Drug-related Deaths & Celebrity Drug Overdoses

A thorough list of celebrity drug related deaths & famous drug overdoses. THere is nothing more cliche than the depiction of rampant drug and alcohol abuse by the Hollywood elite. Unfortunately this is one cliche that hits the mark more than we'd like. Celebrity drug deaths are all too frequent. Deaths from drug use are a rampant problem here in the states, both overdose and health issues created by drug use increase this statistic. These famous drug fueled deaths should illustrate a need to control drug usage or stop it all together. Famous overdoses have the power to bring awareness to this horrible problem. 

If you know of celebrity overdoses and famous drug related deaths that are not on the list, you can add them or call them out in the comments. 
  1. 26
    1951 More
    Musician, Deep Purple, drugs overdose.
  2. 27
    1967 More
    Former professional ice skater, drug overdose.
  3. 28
    1973 More
    Model, acute intoxication-combined effects of heroin, methamphetamine, meperidine and ...
  4. 29
    1925 More
    Comedian, morphine overdose.
  5. 30
    1947 More
    Rock and roll musician, heroin overdose.
  6. 31
    1974 More
    -rap musician, accidental overdose of Promethazine/Codeine "syrup" mixed with a ... more
  7. 32
    1942 More
    Musician, sources report drug related heart failure or simply drug overdose
  8. 33
    1951 More
    Writer, drug overdose, consumed 60 pills of Secobarbital.
  9. 34
    No image

    Casey Calvert

    1981 More
    Guitarist of Hawthorne Heights, accidental drug overdose through mixture of opiates, ...
  10. 35
    1963 More
    Former Major League Baseball player; acute cocaine and opiates intoxication.
  11. 36
    No image
    1959 More
    Actor, journalist who researched addicts in New York, heroin overdose.
  12. 37
    1924 More
    Writer, liver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication.
  13. 38
    1964 More
    Musician, overdose of prescription medication(suicide)
  14. 39
    1960 More
    Musician, Def Leppard, accidental lethal overdose of codeine, along with valium and morphine ... more
  15. 40
    1946 More
    Politician, suicide from prescription drugs and alcohol.
  16. 41
    1976 More
    Actress-cocaine overdose
  17. 42
    1942 More
    Musician, the Association, heroin overdose.
  18. 43
    No image
    1974 More
    Actress, heroin overdose.
  19. 44
    1946 More
    Common law wife of Jim Morrison of The Doors, heroin overdose.
  20. 45
    No image
    1971 More
    Musician, Atari Teenage Riot, drug overdose.
  21. 46
    1958 More
    Punk musician, of The Germs, heroin overdose, reported as suicide.
  22. 47
    1959 More
    Musician with Ratt, reported causes of his death include heroin overdose,
  23. 48
    1933 More
    Singer, suicide, barbiturates overdose.
  24. 49
    1922 More
  25. 50
    1944 More
    Guitarist, session musician, drug overdose.

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