Famous Female Serial Killers People
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Famous Female Serial Killers

List of notable or famous female serial killers, with photos. These are among the most infamous female serial killers in history, with many of these women's stories shown on the big screen, which are included on the list of the best serial killer movies ever. Most, but not all, of these notorious female murderers are from the USA. While this is not a comprehensive list of all worldwide female serial killers, you could certainly find your top 10 here - including Jeanne Weber and of course Aileen Wuornos.

While there are fewer known female serial killers than male, the women on this list of female serial killers rank among the worst serial killers of all time and committed thousands of murders collectively.
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    Between 1989-90, prostitute-turned-killer Aileen Wuornos murdered seven johns who had the misfortune of looking for a little extra-marital action. A minor traffic accident in one her victim's cars led to her arrest and eventual 2002 execution.

    about... age: Died at 46 (1956-2002)
    birthplace: Rochester, Michigan, United States of America
    cause of death: Lethal injection, Capital punishment
    place of death: Florida State Prison, Florida, United States of America
  2. 2
    Known as "The Moors Murderer" and "The Most Evil Woman in Britain", Myra Hindley and her lover, Ian Brady, plotted and carried out the rape and deaths of five young children 1963-65 in England. The pair were turned in to the police by Hindley's brother-in-law who had witnessed Brady killing a boy with an axe. Hindley died in prison in 2002 at age 60.

    about... age: Died at 60 (1942-2002)
    birthplace: Crumpsall, United Kingdom
    cause of death: Myocardial infarction
  3. 3
    West, along with her husband, was convicted of murdering 10 young women in 1995. Most of the crimes occurred between April 1973 and August 1979.

    about... age: 62
    birthplace: Barnstaple, United Kingdom
  4. 4
    Known as the Angel of Death, Gilbert was responsible for three first-degree murders, a second-degree murder and two additional attempted murders when she was a nurse. She killed patients by injecting them with epinephrine. Gilbert is serving a life sentence.

    about... age: 48
    birthplace: Fall River, Massachusetts, United States of America
    profession: Nurse
    institution: Greenfield Community College
  5. 5
    Nannie Doss was a black widow who went through five husbands before being caught and charged with a slew of murders including those of her five husbands, a mother-in-law, her sisters, two of their children, and her own mother. She was never put to death (because she was a woman) and died in prison at age 59 in 1965.

    about... age: Died at 60 (1905-1965)
    birthplace: Blue Mountain, Alabama, United States of America
    cause of death: Leukemia
    place of death: McAlester, Oklahoma, United States of America
  6. 6
    about... age: Died at 54 (1560-1614)
    birthplace: Nyírbátor, Hungary
    place of death: Čachtice, Slovakia
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