Famous Firsts By African Americans People
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Famous Firsts By African Americans

The 'famous firsts by African American' list. These famous people in African American history are known for creating African American history firsts. This list includes the first African Americans from all walks of life: first African American poet, first African American governor, first African American mayor, first African American astronaut, first African American Nobel prize winner, first African American Miss America, first African American millionaire and so on. Read the comments next to each name, to know the African American Firsts achieved by these people. Some of these achievements have been documented in African American movies. Source: Information Please Database
The List
  1. 1
    Local elected official
  2. 2
    State elected official
  3. 3
    Mayor of major city
  4. 4
    Governor (appointed)
  5. 5
    Governor (elected)
  6. 6
    U.S. Representative

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