Famous Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People Born in the 1500s People

Famous Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People Born in the 1500s

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Here is a list of famous gay, lesbian, and bisexual people born in the 1500s. These people were identified as either homosexual or bisexual and were born in the 16th century. These famous gay men and lesbian women born in the 16th century include Sister Benedetta Carlini and Nicholas Udall. These noteworthy homosexuals born in the 1500s can be sorted by birth year, nationality, career, and gender.
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    Nicholas Udall was an English playwright, cleric, and schoolmaster, the author of Ralph Roister Doister, generally regarded as the first comedy written in the English language.more

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    • Age: Died at 52 (1504-1556)
    • Birthplace: Southampton, United Kingdom
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    Dominique Phinot was a Franco-Flemish composer of the Renaissance, active in Italy and southern France. He was highly regarded at the time for his motets, which anticipate the style of Palestrina, and in addition he was an early pioneer of polychoral writing.more

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    • Age: Died at 46 (1510-1556)
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    Théophile de Viau is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Famous Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People Born in the 1500s
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    Théophile de Viau was a French Baroque poet and dramatist.more

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    • Age: Died at 36 (1590-1626)
    • Birthplace: Clairac, France
    • Profession: Writer
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    Benedetta Carlini was a Catholic mystic and lesbian nun who lived in Counter-Reformation Italy. Judith C. Brown chronicled her life in Immodest Acts, which discussed the events that led to her archival significance for historians of women's spirituality and lesbianism, while Brian Levack has recently ...more

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    • Age: Died at 70 (1591-1661)
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