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Famous Goodman School Of Drama Alumni

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List Criteria: People on this list must have gone to Goodman School of Drama and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from Goodman School of Drama, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from Goodman School of Drama include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished Goodman School of Drama alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Goodman School of Drama are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Goodman School of Drama.

The list you're viewing is made up of different graduates like Stana Katic and Linda Hunt.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to Goodman School of Drama?” and “Which celebrities are Goodman School of Drama alumni?”

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    Elizabeth Ann Perkins is an American actress. Her film roles have included Big, The Flintstones, Miracle on 34th Street, About Last Night..., and Avalon. She is known for her role as Celia Hodes in the critically acclaimed Showtime TV series Weeds.more

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    • Profession: Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: age 55
    • Birthplace: New York City, USA, New York
    • Credits: Finding Nemo, Big, Weeds, The Flintstones, The Ring Two, + more
  2. 2

    John Christopher Reilly is an American actor, singer, producer and screenwriter. Making his film debut in Casualties of War, Reilly is one of several actors whose careers were launched by Brian De Palma. To date, he has appeared in more than 50 films, including three separate films in 2002 that were all ...more

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    • Profession: Comedian, Television producer, Screenwriter, Actor, Voice acting, + more
    • Age: age 50
    • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
    • Credits: Guardians of the Galaxy, Gangs of New York, Boogie Nights, Wreck-It Ralph, Chicago, + more
  3. 3

    Harvey Herschel Korman was an American comedic actor who performed in television and movie productions and was also a voice artist. His big break was being a featured performer on CBS's The Danny Kaye Show, but he is best remembered for his performances on the sketch comedy series The Carol Burnett Show ...more

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    • Profession: Television director, Comedian, Television producer, Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: Died at 81 (1927-2008)
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: Blazing Saddles, The Flintstones, The Carol Burnett Show, History of the World, Part I, + more
  4. 4
    Joe Mantegna
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY-SA

    Joseph Anthony "Joe" Mantegna, Jr. is an American actor, producer, writer, director, and voice actor. He is best known for his roles in box office hits such as Three Amigos, The Godfather Part III, Forget Paris, and Up Close & Personal. He currently stars in the CBS television series Criminal Minds as ...more

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    • Profession: Television director, Television producer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, + more
    • Age: age 68
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: Criminal Minds, Cars 2, The Simpsons Movie, The Godfather Part III, ¡Three Amigos!, + more
  5. 5

    Sean Gunn is an American actor, most famous for his role as Kirk Gleason on the television show Gilmore Girls. He is the younger brother of writer, director, producer, actor, and musician James Gunn.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Age: age 41
    • Birthplace: USA, St. Louis, Missouri
    • Credits: Pearl Harbor, Gilmore Girls, Super, The Specials, Tromeo & Juliet, + more
  6. 6

    Stana Katic is a Canadian-American film and television actress of Croatian Serb descent. She plays Detective Kate Beckett on the ABC series Castle.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Age: age 37
    • Birthplace: Hamilton, Canada
    • Credits: Castle, Quantum of Solace, The Spirit, Feast of Love, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice, + more
  7. 7
    Linda Hunt
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Lydia Susanna Hunter, better known by her stage name Linda Hunt, is an American film, stage and television actress known for her role as Henrietta Lange in the CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles. After making her film debut playing Mrs. Oxheart in Popeye, Hunt portrayed the male character Billy Kwan, her ...more

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    • Profession: Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: age 70
    • Birthplace: Morristown, USA, New Jersey
    • Credits: Pocahontas, NCIS: Los Angeles, Stranger than Fiction, Carnivàle, Dune, + more
  8. 8

    Antonina Jadwiga "Nina" Siemaszko is an American film and television actress.more

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    • Profession: Yoga Instructor, Actor
    • Age: age 45
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: The Artist, The American President, Airheads, License to Drive, Suicide Kings, + more
  9. 9
    Michael Rooker
    Photo: Freebase

    Michael Rooker is an American actor, best known for his roles as Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead, Frank Bailey in Mississippi Burning, Hal Tucker in Cliffhanger, Rowdy Burns in Days of Thunder and Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.more

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    • Profession: Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: age 60
    • Birthplace: USA, Alabama, Jasper
    • Credits: The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy, JFK, Mallrats, Tombstone, + more
  10. 10
    Tom Amandes
    Photo: Freebase

    Tom Amandes is an American actor. His best known role to date is that of the role of Dr. Harold "Hal" Abbott on the The WB Drama series Everwood, and as Eliot Ness in the 1990s version of The Untouchables TV series. He also played Geena Davis' boyfriend in The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Abraham Lincoln in ...more

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    • Profession: Television director, Theatre Director, Actor
    • Age: age 56
    • Birthplace: Richmond, USA, Illinois
    • Credits: Hart of Dixie, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Brokedown Palace, Eli Stone, Brothers & Sisters, + more
  11. 11
    Casey Siemaszko
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Kazimierz A. "Casey" Siemaszko is an American actor. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to a Polish-born Roman Catholic father, Konstanty, a fighter in the Polish Underground during World War II, and an English mother. His best known film roles are Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II as 3-D, ...more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Age: age 54
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: Back to the Future, Stand by Me, Back to the Future Part II, Public Enemies, Young Guns, + more
  12. 12
    Kevin J. O'Connor
    Photo: Freebase

    Kevin James O'Connor is an American actor. O'Connor is known for portraying character roles in major studio films such as There Will Be Blood, The Mummy, Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions, F/X2 and Van Helsing. He is a favorite of writer/director Stephen Sommers, who usually casts him in his films.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Age: age 52
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: There Will Be Blood, Steel Magnolias, The Mummy, Amistad, Van Helsing, + more
  13. 13
    Vincent Guastaferro
    Photo: Freebase

    Vincent F. Guastaferro is an actor.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Age: age 65
    • Birthplace: USA, New Jersey, Jersey City
    • Credits: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Redbelt, Spartan, State and Main, Shocker, + more
  14. 14
    Charlayne Woodard
    Photo: Freebase

    Charlaine "Charlayne" Woodard is an American film, stage and television actress and playwright. She has written four plays, titled Pretty Fire, Neat, In Real Life, which she starred in, and "Flight".more

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    • Profession: Actor, Playwright
    • Age: age 62
    • Birthplace: USA, Albany, New York
    • Credits: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Unbreakable, The Crucible, Sunshine State, He Said, + more
  15. 15
    Lionel Mark Smith
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Lionel Mark Smith was an American actor. He appeared in several movies including Galaxina,Homicide, Edmond, State and Main and Spartan. He also appeared on such television series as Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Hill Street Blues. His last appearance was in the 2007 horror film Stuck. He ...more

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    • Profession: Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: Died at 62 (1946-2008)
    • Birthplace: USA, Chicago, Illinois
    • Credits: Magnolia, Spartan, State and Main, Homicide, The Mod Squad, + more
  16. 16
    Haile Gerima
    Photo: Freebase

    Haile Gerima is an Ethiopian filmmaker who lives and works in the United States. He is a leading member of the L.A. Rebellion film movement, also known as the Los Angeles School of Black Filmmakers. His films have received wide international acclaim. Since 1975, Gerima has also been an influential film ...more

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    • Profession: Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Editor, Film Director
    • Age: age 69
    • Birthplace: Gondar, Ethiopia
    • Credits: Sankofa, Morning Dew, Bush Mama, Ashes and Embers, Imperfect Journey, + more
  17. 17
    Valorie Hubbard
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Valorie Hubbard is an actress.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Credits: Resident Evil: Extinction, Hannah Montana: The Movie, Henry Fool, A Better Life, Parasomnia, + more
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