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Famous Inmates at Alcatraz

List Criteria: Only notable prisoners at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

List of Famous Inmates at Alcatraz ranked by fame and notoriety. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is a prison located on Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco. Alcatraz operated from 1934 through 1963 and during that time they had several famous prisoners. Alcatraz had 36 inmates make escape attempts, none of which were successful.

Who is the most famous inmate at Alcatraz? Notorious gangster Al Capone tops our list. Capone spent four and a half years at Alcatraz and he continued to run his illegal operations behind bars by buying off the prison guards. Mafia man Mickey Cohen also spent time at Alcatraz and became partially paralyzed by another inmate who beat him with a pipe.

Frank Lee Morris was an Alcatraz inmate who attempted to escape in 1962. He escaped along with brothers John and Clarence Anglin and was never seen again. Authorities presume that Morris died in the attempt. Another famous Alcatraz inmate Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, the American mob boss and bookmaker, claims that he arranged for a boat to pick up the escapees, but authorities dismissed his comments as an attempt to receive a plea deal.

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  4. Clarence Carnes 1927

  5. Joseph Paul Cretzer 1911

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  7. Joseph Bowers 1896

  8. Herbert Allen Farmer 1891

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  12. Robert Franklin Stroud 1890

  13. Clarence Anglin 1931

  14. John Anglin 1930

  15. Alvin Karpis 1907

  16. Bumpy Johnson 1905

  17. Roy Gardner 1884

  18. Bernard Coy 1900

  19. Arthur Barker 1899

  20. Harvey Bailey 1876

  21. James Lucas 1813

  22. Rafael Cancel Miranda 1930

  23. Thomas R. Limerick 1902

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  25. Henri Young

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