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Famous Jazz Drummers

A list of famous jazz drummers with photos! These are musicians who are masters of their craft. While it is often the singers who claim all the fame, these musicians are famous in their own right. As time has past and music evolved, the list of musical instruments available has grown, especially with the advent of the digital age.

While the vocalist may have his lyrics, it is the musicians behind him, who truly make the sound. After all, instrumentals are as popular as ever, but acappellas are few and far between. Who are famous jazz drummers? This list should answer that question. Best of all, with our modern recording technology, we will be able to enjoy these artists for centuries if not millennia!
  1. 1

    Aaron Scott

  2. 2

    Adam Cruz

  3. 3
    Post-bop, Jazz More
  4. 4
    Jazz fusion, Jazz More
  5. 5
    Jazz More
  6. 6
    Jazz More
  7. 7

    Albert "Tootie" Heath

  8. 8
    Jazz fusion, Afro-Cuban jazz, Jazz More
  9. 9
    Rock music, Hard bop, Jazz More
  10. 10
    Kozmigroov, Jazz fusion, Post-bop More
  11. 11

    Alvester Garnett

  12. 12

    Alvin Stoller

  13. 13
    Jazz More
  14. 14
    No image

    Andrew Isaac Walker

  15. 15

    Anthony Brown

  16. 16
    Jazz More
  17. 17
    Jazz More
  18. 18
    Hard bop, Jazz, Bebop More
  19. 19
    Jazz More
  20. 20
    Jazz, Dixieland More
  21. 21
    Grunge, World music, Alternative rock More
  22. 22
    Jazz More
  23. 23
  24. 24
  25. 25

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