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Famous People Born in 1955 People

Famous People Born in 1955

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List of famous people born in 1955, with photos when available. This list of celebrities born in 1955 is loosely ordered by popularity, so the most well-known people are at the top. All sorts of men and women are featured on this list, including actors, singers, musicians and athletes born in 1955. Various bits of information are available for these prominent people whose birth year is 1955, such as what schools they went to and where they were born. If you're looking for a particular famous person born in 1955 you can type their name into the "search" bar and it will take you right to them.

You can rank all of these items, from Bruce Willis to Whoopi Goldberg.

If you're trying to answer the question, "Which celebrities were born in 1955?" then this list should be a perfect resource for you.
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    Born: 1955
    Birthplace: San Francisco Peninsula, Northern California, California, Contiguous United States, San Francisco Bay Area + 5 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Businessperson, Entrepreneur, Designer, Inventor
    Institution: Monta Loma Elementary School, Reed College, Cupertino Junior High School, Homestead High School
    Height: 6'2"
    Employer: NeXT, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Pixar + 1 more
    Cause Of Death: Respiratory arrest, Pancreatic cancer
    Interment Location: Alta Mesa Memorial Park
    Place Of Death: San Francisco Peninsula, Santa Clara County, Northern California, California, Palo Alto + 6 more
    Date Of Death: 2011
    Steve Jobs : see more

  2. 2

    Born: 1955
    Birthplace: Washington, Area code 206, Western United States, Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary, Northwestern United States + 5 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Programmer, Software Architect, Businessperson, Investor, Entrepreneur
    Institution: Lakeside School, Harvard College
    Height: 5'10"
    Employer: Cascade Investment, Microsoft Corporation
    Friends: Mortimer Zuckerman
    Bill Gates : see more

  3. 3

    Born: 1955
    Birthplace: Europe, West Germany, Idar-Oberstein, Western Europe
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Businessperson, Television producer, Musician, Film Producer, Actor + 4 more
    Institution: Penns Grove High School, Montclair State University
    Height: 6'0"
    Employer: Cheyenne Enterprises, DuPont Chambers Works, Planet Hollywood
    Friends: Kevin Costner, Brooke Burns, Holly Marie Combs, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher
    Dated: Tamara Feldman, Louise Griffiths, Brooke Burns, Kim Cattrall, Janice Dickinson + 5 more
    Breakup: Demi Moore
    Film Job: Sound Mixer
    Bruce Willis : see more

  4. 4

    Born: 1955
    Birthplace: Northeast United States, Cambridge, Area code 617, New England, Middlesex County + 4 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Comedian, Musician, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor + 1 more
    Institution: Middlesex Community College, Emerson College
    Degree: Associate degree
    Steven Wright : see more

  5. 5

    Born: 1955
    Birthplace: New York City, Manhattan, Area code 917, Contiguous United States, New York + 3 more
    Nationality: United States of America
    Profession: Talk show host, Comedian, Television producer, Film Producer, Singer-songwriter + 5 more
    Institution: Tisch School of the Arts, Washington Irving High School, HB Studio
    Height: 5'4"
    Friends: Chuck Norris
    Canoodled: Danny Glover, Alan Moore
    Dated: Michael Visbal, Eddie Gold, Frank Langella, David Schein, Ted Danson + 2 more
    Whoopi Goldberg : see more

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