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Famous People Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

List of notable people and celebrities buried at Arlington National Cemetery. This list includes the names of famous and significant people whose graves, mausoleums or memorials can be found at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and is designed to answer the question "Who is buried at Arlington National Cemetery?"

Who can be buried at Arlington? Complete lists of interments at various cemeteries are not always revealed to the public, but a lot of information about where the grave sites and headstones of celebrities can often be found on the Web, and Arlington National Cemetery has released some of this information. Cemeteries often have different policies about allowing the public to visit celebrity graves so it's a good idea to get in touch with them first before planning a trip.
  1. 1

    1819 Known as: Civil War general

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  2. 2

    1895 Known as: Medal of Honor recipient for World War I.

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  3. 3

    1902 Known as: Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

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  4. 4

    Alfred Winsor Brown Known as: Naval officer and 31st Naval Governor of Guam.

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  5. 5

    Allard Lowenstein Known as: U.S. Congressman from New York

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  6. 6

    1925 Known as: America's most decorated combat soldier of World War II and popular movie actor

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  7. 7

    1862 Known as: Congressman from New York

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  8. 8

    1921 Known as: Editorial cartoonist

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  9. 9

    Brandon Van Parys

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  10. 10

    Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr. Known as: Apollo astronaut

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  11. 11

    1949 Known as: Pilot of hijacked American Airlines Flight 77

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  12. 12

    1906 Known as: Navy four-star Admiral.

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  13. 13

    1919 Known as: World War II veteran and author

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  14. 15

    1864 Known as: First African-American Lieutenant colonel in the US Army

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  15. 14

    1933 Known as: Texas congressman

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  16. 16

    1893 Known as: United States military aviator

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  17. 17

    Clarence Ransom Edwards 1859 Known as: Commanded the 26th "Yankee" Division in World War I

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  18. 18

    1906 Known as: Secretary of Defense

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  19. 19

    1877 Known as: Vice Admiral

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  20. 20

    1914 Known as: United States Army General

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  21. 21

    Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. Known as: First African American four-star General in the U.S. Armed Forces

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  22. 22

    Daniel E. Sickles Known as: Major General

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  23. 23

    1927 Known as: U.S. Senator from New York

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  24. 24

    1894 Known as: Author

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  25. 25

    David Dixon Porter 1877 Known as: Admiral

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