Famous People Who Were Tortured to Death People
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Famous People Who Were Tortured to Death

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List of famous people who were tortured to death, including photos, birthdates, professions, and other information. These celebrities who died from torture are listed alphabetically and include the famous torture victims’ hometowns and biographical info about them when available. A list made up of items like Lee Miglin and Inalchuq. These notable torture deaths include modern and long-gone famous men and women, from politicians to religious leaders to writers. Everyone on this list has tortured to death as a cause of death somewhere in their public records, even if it was just one contributing factor for their death. (7 Items)
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    Matthew Shepard was a gay student at the University of Wyoming who was beaten, tortured and left to die on October 6, 1998. He was pistol whipped, robbed and left hanging on a fence. He died six days later in the hospital. His death was ruled the result of a hate crime, and led to the creation of multiple new laws to protect people against such attacks.
    about... Age: Died at 22 (1976-1998)
    Birthplace: Casper, Grant Village, Wyoming, United States of America
    Cause Of Death: Homicide, Torture
    Place Of Death: Laramie, Grant Village, Wyoming, United States of America
  2. 2
    György Dózsa was a Hungarian man-at-arms who led a peasants revolt against the king of Hungary in the 1500s. He was eventually captured along with the other rebels. Dózsa was forced to sit on a burning hot iron throne with a burning hot iron crown on his head. His fellow rebels were forced to either bite off and devour chunks of his burning flesh or be cut into bits. Dózsa eventually died of the wounds caused by his friends eating him. The rebels who ate his flesh were allowed to live.
    about... Age: Died at 44 (1470-1514)
    Birthplace: Romania
    Cause Of Death: Cannibalism, Torture, Execution
  3. 3
    Valerian was the Roman emperor from year 253 to 259. He was captured by the enemy Persian king and forced to drink molten gold while he was skinned alive. His skin was then stuffed and used as a trophy of the Persian victory.
    about... Age: Died at 60 (200-260)
    Cause Of Death: Torture, Murder, Flaying
    Place Of Death: Bishapur, Iran
  4. 4
    Sylvain Itkine was a French actor and director who was captured, tortured and eventually shot by Gestapo during the Second World War.
    about... Age: Died at 36 (1908-1944)
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Cause Of Death: Torture
    Place Of Death: Saint-Genis-Laval, France
  5. 5

    Lee Miglin

    Lee Miglin was a 72 year-old real estate tycoon who was abducted and murdered by the serial killer Andrew Cunanan in 1997. Before his death he was wrapped in plastic and tape with only his nose exposed, beaten severely, and repeatedly stabbed. His death came when the killers eventually slit his throat.
    about... Age: Died at 72 (1925-1997)
    Cause Of Death: Stabbing, Torture, Murder
    Place Of Death: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  6. 6

    Junko Furuta

    Junko Furuta was a Japanese teen girl who was abducted at random by a group of young men who brutally raped and tortured her for 44 days. She was brutalized in every conceivable way before finally being burned alive on January 4, 1989. Her body was stuffed into an oil drum which was filled with concrete and then dropped in a river. Her body wasn't found until over a year later. The boys involved with the crime only received 17 years in prison and are free today.
    about... Birthplace: Japan, East Asia, Asia, Earth
    Cause Of Death: Murder, Torture
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