39 Celebrities Who (Probably) Have Asperger's Syndrome People
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39 Celebrities Who (Probably) Have Asperger's Syndrome

List Criteria: Celebrities diagnosed or suspected to have Asperger's disorder

List of famous people with Aspergers syndrome ranked by fame and popularity. Aspergers syndrome is a disorder that falls on the autism spectrum. Symptoms include difficulties in social interactions, repetitive patterns, and lacking nonverbal communication skills. The cause of Aspergers is unknown, and the primary treatment involves behavioral therapy.

Who is the most famous person with Aspergers syndrome? Michael Jackson tops our list. Though it has not been confirmed that he was officially diagnosed with Aspergers, he does show many of the traits associated with the disorder. Jackson had trouble interacting socially with people his own age, and he had many eccentric traits. Some musicians who have officially been diagnosed with Aspergers include Adam Young of Owl City, Craig Nicholls of The Vines, Travis Meeks of Days of the New, and “Cars” singer Gary Numan.

“Saturday Night Live” veteran Dan Akroyd has been diagnosed with a mild form of Aspergers. Akroyd believes that his Aspergers helped him create some of his most famous on-screen characters. Other Hollywood A-listers who are suspected of having Aspergers include Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Robin Williams, and Tim Burton.

What do you think of the famous people who have been diagnosed or demonstrate the traits of Aspergers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Singer songwriter James Taylor has Asperger's syndrome.


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  2. "Blues Brothers" star Dan Aykroyd was diagnosed with a mild case of Aspergers syndrome as a child.


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  3. A 2008 Pentagon think tank study suggested that the Russian president carried some form of Autism, although they couldn't be sure it was Aspergers.


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  4. Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle says she was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome last year, according to a report in The Observer newspaper.


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  5. Many experts claim that I, Robot author Isaac Asimov had Aspergers syndrome.


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  6. Daryl Hannah was diagnosed with a mild case of Asperger's syndrome as a child. She discusses her struggles with the disorder frequently in interviews.


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