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16 Famous People with Autism

List Criteria: Notable autistic celebrities

List of Famous People with Autism ranked by fame and popularity. Autism is a disorder in which symptoms include impaired social interaction, delayed or disrupted verbal and non-verbal communication and repetitive behavior. Autism can be caused through genetics or by agents that cause birth defects. As of 2012, The Centers for Disease Control report that 20 per 1,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with autism.

Who is the most famous person with autism? Albert Einstein tops our list. Einstein is amongst a list of historical figures who are suspected to have had autism. Autism wasn't classified as a disorder until the 1940s. Einstein is thought to have had autism because he experienced language delays and educational slowness. Other historical figures who are thought to have had autism include Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Mozart.

Hole front woman Courtney Love was diagnosed with a mild case of autism as a child. Daryl Hannah has struggled with autism all her life and she says that the disorder made her “terrified of fame.” Author Temple Grandin is one of the most famous women with autism. Grandin works tirelessly for the causes of animal rights and autistic rights.

What do you think of all of the famous people who have been diagnosed with autism? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

16 Famous People with Autism People
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    In November 2014, Jerry Seinfeld told Brian Williams on NBC's Nightly News that he believes he's on the autism spectrum. "I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I'm on the spectrum."

    "Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I'm very literal, when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don't know what they're saying," Seinfeld said. "But I don't see it as dysfunctional, I just think of it as an alternate mindset."

    Source: NBC
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    • Age: age 61
    • Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America
    • Profession: Television producer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, Voice acting + 2 more
    • Credits: Seinfeld, Bee Movie, Live! with Kelly and Michael, One Night Stand, The Ratings Game + 10 more
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    Daryl Hannah has been coping with autism since she was a child.  She says that in her youth, doctors wanted to institutionalize her.
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    • Age: age 55
    • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
    • Profession: Activist, Businessperson, Environmentalist, Film Producer, Actor
    • Credits: Blade Runner, Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Volume 2, Steel Magnolias, Splash + 84 more
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    Experts believe that Andy Warhol's social ineptitude, use of minimal words in speech and difficulty recognizing friends are all signs that the pop artist was autistic.
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    • Age: Died at 59 (1928-1987)
    • Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    • Profession: Sculptor, Illustrator, Painter, Film Producer, Screenwriter + 7 more
    • Credits: Tootsie, Saturday Night Live, Blood for Dracula, Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, Chelsea Girls + 77 more
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    Courtney Love was diagnosed by one of her therapists as having a mild form of autism.
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    • Age: age 51
    • Birthplace: California, United States of America
    • Profession: Film Score Composer, Record producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician + 5 more
    • Credits: The People vs. Larry Flynt, Sid and Nancy, Man on the Moon, Basquiat, Feeling Minnesota + 15 more
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    Albert Einstein was thought to have autism because he experienced delayed language development and educational slowness.
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    • Age: Died at 76 (1879-1955)
    • Birthplace: Ulm, Germany
    • Profession: Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, Theoretical Physicist, Author + 3 more
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    Leading psychiatrists believe that Charles Darwin had autism because of his great attention to detail and his difficulties with social interactions.
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    • Age: Died at 73 (1809-1882)
    • Birthplace: The Mount, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
    • Profession: Biologist, Scientist, Naturalist, Geologist, Writer
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    Temple Grandin is an autistic author and savant who revelutionized the livestock industry.
    more ABOUT
    • Age: age 68
    • Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
    • Profession: Professor, Screenwriter, Scientist, Author, Consultant
    • Credits: In the Woods, ARTS: A Film About Possibilities, Disabilities & the Arts
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    Isaac Newton was thought to have autism because of his extreme focus on his work and his lack of friends.  Newton also had many eccentricities and he would teach to an empty classroom if no one showed up for a lesson.
    more ABOUT
    • Age: Died at 84 (1643-1727)
    • Birthplace: Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, United Kingdom
    • Profession: Mathematician, Physicist, Chemist, Scientist, Philosopher + 1 more
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    Emily Dickinson led a very reclusive life.  Experts believe that her struggles with epilepsy conicide with an autism diagnosis.
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    • Age: Died at 56 (1830-1886)
    • Birthplace: Amherst, Massachusetts, United States of America
    • Profession: Poet, Writer
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    Several autism researchers believe that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had autism.
    more ABOUT
    • Age: Died at 35 (1756-1791)
    • Birthplace: Salzburg, Austria
    • Profession: Pianist, Musician, Composer, Violist, Violinist
    • Credits: Amadeus, The Rules of the Game, A Man Escaped, The Magic Flute, One Hundred Men and a Girl + 35 more
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    Matt Savage is an autistic musical savant who has toured the world and performed Late Night with David Letterman.
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    • Age: age 23
    • Birthplace: United States of America
    • Profession: Jazz Pianist, Pianist
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    Marty Balin, best know for being in Jefferson Airplane, was diagnosed with mild autism as a child.
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    • Age: age 73
    • Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
    • Profession: Musician, Singer-songwriter
  13. Tony DeBlois

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    Tony DeBlois is a blind, autistic savant who can play over 20 instruments.
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    • Age: age 41
  14. Caiseal Mór

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    Caiseal Mor is an autistic best-selling novelist.
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    • Age: age 54
    • Profession: Musician, Novelist, Writer
  15. Jonathan Jayne

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    Johnathan Janye is an autistic special Olympian who was cruelly mocked when he auditioned for "American Idol."
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    James Hobley is an autistic dancer who was a finalist on "Britain's Got Talent."
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    • Birthplace: Redcar, United Kingdom
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