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Famous Pin-Up Artists

Famous Pin-Up Artists list containing modern pin-up artists, vintage pin-up artists, and classic pin-up artists. Pin-up girl artists were individuals who created mass produced art of sexy, beautiful, attractive women at least partially undressed (if not nude). The art was often "pinned up" on a wall or in a locker, etc., hence the name. Posters and calendars were two of the most popular mediums. While actual photos were common, artists such as the ones on this list drew idealized women by hand for their fans to drool over. The women could be fashion models, glamor models, actresses of even beautiful figments of the artist's imagination. Pin-up art arguably peaked in the 1940's, and its style has been emulated ever since. In World War II, pin-up art could be found on the sides of planes, and Betty Grable's famous pin-up photo inside every locker.
  1. 1

    Arnold Armitage

  2. 2

    Rolf Armstrong

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Joyce Ballantyne

  5. 5

    McClelland Barclay

  6. 6

    Vaughan Alden Bass

  7. 7

    Ben-Hur Baz

  8. 8
  9. 9

    Earle K. Bergey

  10. 10

    Roy Best

  11. 11

    Enoch Bolles

  12. 12

    Mark Boyle

  13. 13

    Harry C. Bradley

  14. 14

    Al Buell

  15. 15

    Echo Chernik

  16. 16

    Joe Chiodo

  17. 17

    Chris Cooper

  18. 18

    Olivia De Berardinis

  19. 19

    Ruth Deckard

  20. 20

    Archie Dickens

  21. 21

    Jessica Dougherty

  22. 22

    Peter Driben

  23. 23

    Gil Elvgren

  24. 24

    Harry Ekman

  25. 25

    Art Frahm

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