The Last Words of 30 Famous Serial Killers

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Serial killers hold a certain fascination in the general public, partially due to their mysterious nature. For the average Joe, it’s hard to fathom how a person could bring themselves to kill one person, let alone dozens. That’s why people are often so fascinated with the lives, and deaths, of famous serial killers, especially their final words before they are executed. People are interested in discovering whether a serial killer’s last words hold any sort of answer or insight into their lives.

The last words of famous serial killers have a wide range of emotion. Some killers, when faced with their execution, offer their sincere apologies for the heinous crimes they committed. A few serial killers’ final words were filled with anger and resentment, while some even seemed indifferent to their situation. Some of the most interesting final words are the quizzically strange rantings of a crazy person, making them even more mystifying than before.

What are the last words of some of the most famous serial killers? The last words on this list come from the mouths of some of the most heinous, dangerous people in human history.

Collection Photo:  Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty Images Entertainment
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