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Famous Serial Killers in History

List of famous serial killers in the world. The most notorious serial killers are found on this page. This list of murderers is alphabetical by first name and can be sorted by any column. There's UK serial killers and American serial killers here. This list of the most well-known serial killers can be copied to make your very own list of the most famous serial killers in history, should you be so morbidly inclined.

Who are the most famous serial killers in history? Take a look at this list and you'll see who is considered amongst the worst serial killers ever.
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  1. 1

    Died at 59 (1947-2006) Mexico, Egyptian national alleged to be responsible for dozens of murders in Ciudad Juárez

  2. 2

    Died at 27 (1962-1989) Mexico, AKA "The Godfather of Matamoros"; serial killer and cult leader in Mexico; committed suicide in 1989

  3. 3

    Died at 59 (1949-2008) Indonesia, admitted to killing 42 women; sentenced to death and executed by firing squad on July 10, 2008

  4. 4

    age 40 Russia, AKA "The Chessboard Killer"; convicted of 48 murders; confessed to killing 63

  5. 5

    age 66 Canada, AKA "Monster of the Miramichi"; killer of five individuals

  6. 6

    Died at 59 (1837-1896) UK, murdered infants in her care; executed in 1896

  7. 7

    Died at 54 (1959-2013) Ukraine, AKA "The Terminator"; murdered 59 people from 1989 until his capture in 1996

  8. 8

    Died at 58 (1936-1994) Russia, AKA "The Rostov Ripper"; killed 52 women and children throughout the Soviet Union; arrested, convicted and executed in 1994

  9. 9

    Died at 51 (1760-1811) Germany, Bavarian poisoner; killer of four people; executed in 1811

  10. 10

    age 63 UK, AKA the "Camden Ripper"; convicted of three murders; suspected of at least four

  11. 11

    age 38 Finland, poisoner of three men; sentenced to life imprisonment

  12. 12

    Died at 78 (1924-2002) UK, AKA the "Monster Butler"; killed five in the 1970s, three with accomplice Michael Kitto

  13. 13

    age 78 Norway, geriatric assistant nurse who poisoned 22 dwellers at the Orkdal Alders-Og Sjukeheim institution over a period of years before being convicted in 1984

  14. 14

    Died at 41 (1954-1995) India, murdered nine teenage girls in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai during a six-month period in 1988; executed in 1995

  15. 15

    Hungary, murdered at least 24 women; escaped justice in the confusion of World War I

  16. 16

    age 54 UK, serial arsonist and killer

  17. 17

    AKA "Auntie Thally"; serial poisoner of at least four family members

  18. 18

    Died at 48 (1896-1944) Australia, AKA "Petiso Orejudo" ("Big Eared Midget"); at 16, killed four children in 1912; died in prison in 1944

  19. 19

    age 49 South Africa, AKA the "Wemmer Pan Killer"; serial rapist; murdered at least 27 people

  20. 20

    age 50 Ghana, convicted of the strangulation deaths of nine women in Accra; suspected of killing 34; sentenced to death in 2003

  21. 21

    age 70 India, killed at least 12 Western tourists in Southeast Asia during the 1970s

  22. 22

    age 44 France, nurse sentenced for the murders of at least 30 terminally ill patients

  23. 23

    Died at 58 (1954-2012) UK, AKA "Gay Slayer"; killed five gay men in the early 1990s

  24. 24

    US, killed four women in the Los Angeles area between 1992 and 1993; charged in 2008 with raping and murdering four additional women between 1986 and 1993

  25. 25

    Died at 46 (1883-1929) Denmark, childcare provider who killed between nine and 25 children; sentenced to death in 1921 then reprieved

  26. 26

    Died at 46 (1886-1932) South Africa, poisoner; killed two husbands and one son; executed in 1932

  27. 27

    Died at 58 (1936-1994) Colombia, AKA "The Beast of the Andes"; 71 alleged victims (most of his victims were killed in Ecuador)

  28. 28

    Died at 71 (1730-1801) Russia, 18th century countess who tortured and killed serfs on her estate

  29. 29

    Died at 54 (1951-2005) AKA "Moorhouse murders"; couple from the suburban Perth area responsible for the murders of four women

  30. 30

    Mexico, AKA "Las Poquianchis"; killed a total of 91; arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison in 1964

  31. 31

    Died at 72 (1931-2003) poisoner of three individuals

  32. 32

    Died at 79 (1934-2013) France, preyed on young handicapped women

  33. 33

    Died at 33 (1931-1964) killed at least seven people; last person to be hanged in Western Australia

  34. 34

    Died at 54 (1941-1995) UK, AKA "House of Horrors"; she was convicted of 10 murders; both are believed to have tortured and murdered at least 12 young women between 1967 and 1987, many at the couple's home in

  35. 35

    Died at 63 (1935-1998) Germany, murdered four women in Hamburg and kept the bodies in his apartment

  36. 36

    Died at 38 (1865-1903) UK, poisoned three women; suspected by some authors of being Jack the Ripper

  37. 37

    Died at 43 (1872-1915) UK, AKA "The Brides in the Bath"; killer of three women

  38. 38

    Died at 36 (1404-1440) France, 15th century satanist and child killer

  39. 39

    Died at 58 (1946-2004) UK, doctor convicted of 15 murders; a later inquiry stated he had killed at least 215 and possibly up to 457 people over a 25-year period

  40. 40

    Died at 53 (1869-1922) France, killed 11 people; inspired the character of Monsieur Verdoux played by Charlie Chaplin

  41. 41

    Died at 41 (1968-2009) Japan, AKA "Suicide Website Murderer"; lured people from suicide clubs promising to kill himself with his victims

  42. 42

    age 54 nurses at the Lainz General Hospital in Vienna who admitted to murdering 49 patients

  43. 43

    age 70 killed at least seven tourists in Belanglo State Forest, New South Wales; suspected in similar disappearances in Newcastle

  44. 44

    Died at 44 (1950-1994) author and sexual sadist; convicted of 10 murders; believed to have killed 12 women

  45. 45

    Died at 45 (1956-2001) Pakistan, believed to have killed 100 boys

  46. 46

    Died at 44 (1874-1918) France, convicted of the murders of 10 children

  47. 47

    age 52 US, convicted of two rape-murders in Michigan, suspected of more

  48. 48

    Died at 58 (1933-1991) Germany, claimed 13 victims over three decades

  49. 49

    Died at 40 (1909-1949) UK, AKA the "Acid Bath Murderer" and the "Vampire of London"; active in England during the 1940s; convicted of six murders, but claimed to have killed nine; executed in 1949

  50. 50

    Died at 77 (1930-2007) UK, child killer and Britain's longest serving prisoner until his death on November 19, 2007


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