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Famous Serial Killers Who Are Still Alive

This is a list of serial killers who are still alive. When serial killers are caught, after a long period of horrific, evil crimes, it’s almost expected that their lives will be coming to an end. The usual sentence for multiple murders, especially ones committed by serial killers, is death. So that’s why it’s so remarkable to hear about serial killers who are currently still alive, most of whom are serving life sentences in prison. Very few serial killers who have been caught have been released from prison, but there are still some odd exceptions where the law and morality don’t intersect.


Who are these serial killers who are still among the living? How did they escape a death sentence while on trial? What were their crimes and who were their victims? How did these serial killers murder their victims? This list answers these questions and more about some of the world’s most notorious living serial killers.


Many famous serial killers were murdered in jail. The male and female serial killers on this list either received life sentences or managed to avoid life in prison. These rare serial killers may have taken the lives of at least three people, some with victim numbers over 50, yet are still alive.

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  1. Beverly Allitt worked as a nurse in an English hospital when she killed four children and tried to kill three more. She also caused many other children to be grievously harmed through her insulin overdoses, although they survived. In 1993, she was sentenced to 13 life sentences. 

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    Age: age 47
    Birthplace: England
    Profession: Nurse
  2. In 1971, Juan Corona, a Mexican man working on fruit ranches in California, killed at least 25 men. His victims had worked as laborers on the fruit ranches and were buried in the area. When Corona was caught, he plead not guilty by reason of insanity but was found guilty. He was given 25 life sentences, however he is up for parole in 2016. 

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    Age: age 81
    Birthplace: Autlán, Mexico
    Medical Conditions: Schizophrenia
  3. Along with his wife, Paul Bernardo killed and raped at least 3 young women, raping many more women during his time as The Scarborough Rapist. Together, he and his wife drugged and sexually assaulted her sister, who became their first joint victim. He was caught in 1993 and sentenced to life in prison. 

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    Age: age 51
    Birthplace: Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
    Schools: University of Toronto, University of Toronto Scarborough, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute
  4. As the wife of serial rapist and killer Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka was an accessory to a plethora of rapes and murders, many of which she took part in herself. Homolka facilitated the rape and murder of her younger sister and at least two other women. The couple was arrested in 1993. She was sentenced to 12 years for manslaughter and released in 2005. 

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    Age: age 45
    Birthplace: Port Credit, Ontario, Canada
    Schools: Queen's University, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
  5. One of Britain's most notorious serial killers, Peter Sutcliffe was responsible for the murder of 13 women over the span of 5 years, starting in 1975. The press called him The Yorkshire Ripper. Sutcliffe believed that God spoke to him and told him to kill prostitutes. He was caught in 1981 and sentenced to life in prison where he still resides. 

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    Profession: Bassist
  6. From 1971-1987, Rosemary West tortured and killed at least ten women, with the assistance of her husband Fred. West was a victim of frequent sexual abuse by her father from the time she was a child and well into adulthood. In 1995, she was sentenced to life in prison. While her husband killed himself before going to trial, West still lives in prison in England. 

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    Age: age 62
    Birthplace: Barnstaple, United Kingdom
    Children: Heather Ann West, Mae West, Stephen West
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