Infamous Snitches Who Avoided Life in Prison

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Everyone knows the age old adage "snitches get stitches," yet for some reason people still decide to tattle. Maybe they aren't as afraid of needles as we are, or maybe they just don't take the term literally. Since the dawn of time people have been ratting each other out, whether it's to get ahead at work or to get out of trouble. On this list of famous snitches we've got mob bosses, cold blooded killers, hip hop wannabes, and even a US President! After all, you don't get to the top without getting a little dirty. 

While you're reading through this list of famous informants who avoided jail time by turning in their closest pals (and accomplices) take some time for self reflection and remember that even when your friends annoy you, at least they aren't mob snitches!

It's bananas to think that some of the mafia snitches and other tattletales on this list were able to get off squeaky clean after all the heinous crimes they committed, just by naming names. If we knew all it took to get some of that sweet Witness Protection business was to ice some goodfellas, we'd have started icing gangsters a long time ago. Is that the right term? Icing?

From Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney (say whaaat?) to Linda Tripp and a whole lot of mafia guys with cool nicknames, these are the biggest snitches in history.
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