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Famous University Of Colorado At Denver Alumni

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List Criteria: People on this list must have gone to University of Colorado at Denver and be of some renown.

List of famous alumni from University of Colorado at Denver, with photos when available. Prominent graduates from University of Colorado at Denver include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. This list of distinguished University of Colorado at Denver alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended University of Colorado at Denver are at the top of the list. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from University of Colorado at Denver.

List is made up of a variety of graduates, including Michael Winslow and Daniel Gilbert.

This list answers the questions “Which famous people went to University of Colorado at Denver?” and “Which celebrities are University of Colorado at Denver alumni?”

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    Michael Winslow is an American actor, beatboxer and comedian billed as the "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects" for his ability to make realistic sounds using only his voice. He is best known for his roles in all seven Police Academy films as Larvelle Jones. He has also appeared in Spaceballs and a Cadbury ...more

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    • Profession: Comedian, Actor, Voice acting
    • Age: age 57
    • Birthplace: Spokane, USA, Washington
    • Credits: Gremlins, Spaceballs, Police Academy, Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, Police Academy 3: Back in Training, + more
  2. 2

    Daniel Todd Gilbert is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He is a social psychologist known for his research on affective forecasting, with a special emphasis on cognitive biases such as the impact bias. He is the author of the international bestseller Stumbling on Happiness, which has been ...more

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    • Profession: Journalist, Professor, Psychologist, Author
    • Age: age 58
  3. 3

    Dr. Robin Boast is the Deputy Director of the Museum and the Curator for World Archaeology. He coordinates the MPhil Graduate Course on Museums: History, Theory and Practice in the Department of Archaeology and is the Lecturer for the History of Science in Archaeology. He lectures on the history and ...more

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    • Profession: Educator
    • Age: age 59
    • Birthplace: Kimball, Nebraska, United States of America
  4. 4
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    • Profession: Writer
    • Age: age 50
    • Birthplace: Norwalk, Connecticut, United States of America
  5. 5

    J. Steven Whisler retired as chairman and CEO of Phelps Dodge Corporation upon its merger with Freeport Copper and Gold, Inc. He joined Phelps Dodge in 1981. He is a director of several companies including Phelps Dodge, Brunswick, International Paper and US Airways.more

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    • Profession: Businessperson
    • Age: age 61
  6. 6
    Heidi Marnhout
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Heidi Marnhout is an actress.more

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    • Profession: Actor
    • Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States of America
    • Credits: Bubba Ho-Tep, Phantasm IV: Oblivion, Imagine That, The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story, Mann's World, + more
  7. 7

    Isaac Edward Slade is an American musician and the lead vocalist, main songwriter, pianist and co-founder of Denver-based rock band the Fray.more

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    • Profession: Songwriter, Pianist, Musician, Singer
    • Age: age 34
    • Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, United States of America
  8. 8

    Ned Hooper is Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and the Consumer Group at Cisco. He is responsible for Ciscos global growth strategy through business development activities including acquisitions, equity investment, and the incubation of innovative technologies.more

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    • Profession: Businessperson
  9. 9

    Milly Bernard

    Mildred Adelaide "Milly" Cox Oberhansley Bernard was a member of the Utah House of Representatives from Kearns, Utah, serving five terms from 1966 to 1976.more

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    • Profession: Politician
    • Age: Died at 85 (1920-2005)
    • Birthplace: Brewster, Nebraska, United States of America
  10. 10
    Marilyn Van Derbur
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Marilyn Elaine Van Derbur is the 1958 Miss America pageant holder. Van Derbur, from Denver, Colorado, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado. She claimed to have been sexually molested by her father between the ages of 5 and 18. Her mother reportedly refused to believe her. She founded ...more

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    • Age: age 78
    • Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, United States of America
  11. 11

    Guillermo "Bill" Vidal

    Guillermo "Bill" Vidal
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY-SA

    Guillermo "Bill" Vidal is an author, career civil servant, and a former mayor of Denver, Colorado. Vidal served as deputy mayor under John Hickenlooper until Hickenlooper resigned his position as mayor in order to serve as the governor of Colorado. Vidal was then sworn in as mayor on January 12, 2011 ...more

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    • Profession: Politician, Author, Civil servant
    • Age: age 64
    • Birthplace: Camagüey, Cuba
  12. 12

    Dr. Najma Akbarali Heptulla is an Indian politician. She is a former vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and a five time member of the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Indian parliament, between 1986 and 2012, and Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha for sixteen years. She was a member ...more

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    • Profession: Politician
    • Age: age 75
    • Birthplace: Bhopal division, Eurasia, Madhya Pradesh, India, Bhopal district, + more
  13. 13

    Joe Miklosi

    Joe Miklosi
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY

    Joe Miklosi is an American politician. He served as legislator in the U.S. state of Colorado. Elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Democrat in 2008, Miklosi represented House District 9, which encompasses portions of southeastern Denver, Colorado.more

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    • Profession: Business development
  14. 14

    Thomas Defler

    Thomas R. Defler is a North American primatologist who lives and works in Colombia. He earned his PhD from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1976 and then he moved to Colombia. Defler worked in eastern Colombia, in the Llanos until 1984 and then in the Amazonian Vaupés Department where he ...more

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    • Age: age 74
  15. 15

    Michael Hancock

    Michael B. Hancock is the 45th and current mayor of Denver, Colorado. He was sworn in on July 18, 2011 after defeating Chris Romer in a runoff election on June 7, 2011. He is Denver's second African-American mayor after Wellington Webb.more

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    • Profession: Politician
    • Age: age 46
    • Birthplace: Texas, Contiguous United States, Edwards Plateau, Coryell County, United States of America, + more
  16. 16

    Robert Byrne

    Robert Byrne is an American author and Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame instructor of pool and carom billiards.more

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    • Profession: Author, Actor, Writer
    • Age: age 85
    • Birthplace: Dubuque, Iowa, United States of America
    • Credits: Thrill
  17. 17

    Lois Court

    Lois Court is a legislator in the U.S. state of Colorado. Elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Democrat in 2008, Court represents House District 6, which encompasses portions of central Denver, Colorado. she is the Majority Caucus Chairmore

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    • Profession: Teacher
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