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Drag Racing Deaths

Deaths by drag race car crash are listed below. Fatal drag racing accidents at races that occurred on race tracks, due to motor malfunction, driver's carelessness, or could be just bad luck are listed here. The year of these drag car crashes are seen in the discussion column. These deaths have been horrifying and terrifying. There are some pretty big names on this list of drag racing deaths. This is the worst possible thing that can happen when you race, but if you're not careful, it is a consequence.

What are the worst drag racing deaths? Take a look at this list and you'll find out that answer.
  1. 1
    1962 More
  2. 2

    Carrie Jo Neal

  3. 3
    1976 More
  4. 4
    1973 More
  5. 5

    John Hagen

  6. 6

    John Lingenfelter

    1945 More
  7. 7

    John Shoemaker

    1956 More
  8. 8
    1944 More
  9. 9

    Michelle "Shelly" Howard

  10. 10

    Scott Kalitta

    1962 More
  11. 11

    Walter Henry

  12. 12

    Wayne Bailey

    1955 More

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