The Fattest Baseball Players To Appear In The Postseason

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The fattest players in baseball are, inexplicably, some of the best baseball players of all time. If you doubt that, this list of fat baseball players who have made the postseason may change your mind. Some of the top active baseball players are posting big numbers not just in the playoffs, but on the scale as you'll see on this list of overweight baseball players in the playoffs.

Who is the fattest baseball players to make the postseason? The number of amazing baseball players who tip the scales may make you rethink your own athletic career if you've been told you're too big to play. These fat baseball players may not be the best athletes of all time, but they rank among the greatest pitchers, best hitters, and most liked baseball players of all time (all while carrying the dubious distinction of being some of the fattest athletes of all time).

Who are the heaviest players in the MLB? What overweight baseball players have appeared in the playoffs? The sheer volume of fat athletes to make the ALCS series, the NLDS series and even the World Series will make you pump your fists for weight equality in sports. Or maybe just make you drop your jaw in amazement the way these huge athletes drop their jaws for dinner. Make sure to vote up the fattest baseball players and vote down the ones you think could be bigger.
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