Favorite College Football Uniforms Anything

Favorite College Football Uniforms

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Football season is here!
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    The best uniform in sports. The helmet design has both tradition and edge, the colors both strong and enthusiastic.
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    The very best of the "we've been bad ass at football since before your school even existed" uniforms. Iconic color, and the numbers on the helmets show them marching to a completely different beat then everyone else.
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    Not the best shot of the helmet here, but the longhorn emblem is the best logo in college football, to go along with a bold and simple color scheme.
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    Boston College

    The best design around a golden dome from a Catholic school.
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    San Diego State

    The red & black is badass. You look at those uniforms, this team should be winning titles.
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    That's just regal. Now of course you've got to put aside them sucking most years, but hey, remember Otto Graham!
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    Oklahoma State

    I don't stare at 50/50 bars and think on their beauty, but this is another orange and white team whose look just pops.
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    Florida State

    Strong, beautiful, and contemporary, perfect for a modern dynasty.
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