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Favorite Travel Destinations

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My favorite vacation spots

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  1. Koa Samui Thailand

    The O'Shea/Polenzani clan traveled for 2 weeks together for an unforgettable trip
  2. Koa Tao Thailand

    We stayed in a luxury tree house here! The ocean was endless - nothing in sight for miles.
  3. San Diego
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    My favorite US city
  4. Château d'Angers
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    My friend got married in this castle!
  5. Want to go back before it's under water!
  6. Who doesn't love Paris? Was here with friends and family a few times. Taverne de Sargeant Arms is my favorite restaurant - they make their own wine and we had many bottles!
  7. Moorea - Society Islands in Tahiti

    This is the view from the villa we rented
  8. Venezuela
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    I went here to visit a friend from college - was treated like royalty bc of my blond hair!
  9. Maupiti

    The smallest, cutest, friendliest island I've ever been to. Families bury the deceased in their front yards!! so they don't forget about them.
  10. Tahaa

    I met the cutest woman here who sold vanilla beans in a little store front. She posed for pictures with us and put flowers in our hair. I've never had better vanilla!
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