Fictional Characters: Environmentally Injured / Sensitive Anything
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Fictional Characters: Environmentally Injured / Sensitive

List Criteria: If you add to this list, be sure to add a description of the harmful environmental exposure.

This is a list of fictional characters who were injured by environmental exposures or who are unusually sensitive to environmental exposures.
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    environmentally injured by: a gamma bomb
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    environmental sensitivity: kryptonite
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    added by: JoshuaLoy
    "Environmentally sensitive to fear, and at one point wood."  
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    environmentally injured by: a storm of cosmic rays while they were in outer space
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    environmentally injured by: chemicals
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    Miles Vorkosigan in "The Warrior's Apprentice" and other works by Lois McMaster Bujold

    environmentally injured by: his mother's exposure to a soltoxin gas grenadeMiles Vorkosigan is ... more
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    environmentally injured by: sand that had been irradiated by an experimental nuclear reactor ... more
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    environmentally injured by: a chemical at Crawford Chemical Works
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    Mike Monroe (played by Anthony Edwards) on Northern Exposure

    environmentally sensitive to: chemicals
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    Nicholas Halloway in Memoirs of an Invisible Man by Harry F. Saint

    environmentally injured by: a scientific lab explosion
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    Sublett in Virtual Light by William F. Gibson

    environmentally sensitive to: chemicals
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    Ulysses Adair in Earth 2

    environmentally sensitive to: earth's environment
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