Fictional Company You'd Most Want to Work For Companies
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Fictional Company You'd Most Want to Work For

Sooo, what do you want to do? Me? I want to bring urban pacification to Old Detroit with thee hot military item of the next century!

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    Omni Consumer Products (OCP) The worldwide leader in military and police hardware and tactical gear

    ) open
  2. 2

    #1 on the original list Wayne Enterprises

    ) open
  3. 3

    I.P.S The local, friendly, package delivery company.

    ) open
  4. 4

    #3 on the original list Stark Industries

    ) open
  5. 5

    #2 on the original list Wonka Industries

    ) open
  6. 6
    ) open
  7. 7

    #14 on the original list Professor Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters A school where gifted children and intermingle with like minded students and faculty.

    ) open

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