The Hottest Fictional Crazy Girls You'd Probably Bang Anyway Fictional Characters
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The Hottest Fictional Crazy Girls You'd Probably Bang Anyway

List Criteria: Crazy girls & women in TV and film - live action only

A list of fictional lunatics you would bang anyway. Whenever red-blooded dudes watch a TV show or movie, there's usually a bad girl or two that gets his mind racing. Sometimes things turn out well, other times, not so much. This list pays tribute to those fictional crazies that despite all of their mental issues, you'd still want to slip into bed with, provided that they aren't carrying a knife, gun, ricin or any other weapon that could end your life. That wouldn't be good. But fortunately these are fictional characters so a guy can always dream. These ladies are guilty of a number of things personality wise so there are plenty of flawed women to choose from. 

So what fictional bad girls are on this list? You have your selection of serial killers (Catherine Tramell, Mallory Knox, Hannah McKay), drug addicts (Marion Silver), strippers (Bunny Lebowski) and socialites (Kathryn Merteuil, Georgina Sparks), so there's all sorts of deviously deceptive characters to choose from. These ladies are all a little nuts, but hey, aren't we all in some way shape or form?

If you notice that someone is missing from this list of the fictional lunatics you'd bang, feel free to add them to the list. Vote or re-rank this list according to who you deem it to be fit. There's one thing that film and TV has a lot of is flawed crazy characters. But for some reason, dudes find em attractive. So voice your opinion here.
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    Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers. 

    Who didn't love the mischievous Gloria Cleary? She made Vince Vaughn's Jeremy nuts throughout most of the movie, in the most loving, psychotic way a woman can. Her charm was irrestible, and hence, why she won over her man in the end. With a fiery, looney personality, who WOULDN'T want to bang Gloria?

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