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Final Destination 5 Quotes

'Final Destination 5' quotes deal, not surprisingly, with the subject of death. Cheating death, meeting death, predicting death - all of it. Anyone familiar with this horror franchise probably guessed that already! It's hard to believe that it's been more than a decade since the first 'Final Destination' movie hit theaters, but it's true. And people are still dying, in horrible, nasty ways. In 'Final Destination 5,' survivors of a suspension bridge collapse (including Sam Lawton and his girlfriend, Molly) are left to try and outrun Death, once again. In 3D! Behold, some of the best 'Final Destination 5' quotes around. Did we forget any biggies? If so, feel free to add them to the list!

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    An Answer for Everything

    Agent Block: "I'm trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle together. It says right here in this statement: 'I knew this would happen."
    Sam: "I had a vision."
    Agent Block: "You warned everyone the bridge was about to collapse, and minutes later, it did. I'll tell you what I believe: There's an answer for everything."

    Agent Block, did you not see the first FOUR movies? Sam has visions. And bad things happen.

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    Why Are You Following Us

    Sam: "Why are you following us? Who are you? What are you doing?"
    Bludworth: "My job."
    Sam: "What's happening to us?"
    Bludworth: "What makes you think I know anything?"
    Sam: "You warned us, at the memorial service, you said Death didn't like to be cheated."
    Bludworth: "It's just that I've seen this before. You changed things on that bridge - it's a wrinkle in reality, and that wrinkle is you."

    Right here, Mr. Bludworth (Tony Todd) explains it all: When you 'cheat' Death, you screw up the continuum. Everything gets off balance, so Death is really just leveling things off. In horrible, nasty ways.

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    Death Comes

    Bludworth: "A lucky few survive the disaster, and then one by one, Death comes for them all."

    "Lucky few?" Really, Mr. Bludworth?

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    I Don't Make the Rules

    Sam: "Are you saying that we can't stop this?"
    Bludworth: "I don't make the rules, I just clean up after the game is over."

    Mr. Bludworth has cleaned up a lot over the years, and looking at these clips, he's about to get to work yet again.

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    We Get Their Life?

    Bludworth: "You're not supposed to be here, so let death have somebody else in their place."
    Sam: "Wait a minute - we kill someone - we get their life?"

    Okay, here's a twist: In order to keep things balanced, since Sam and the others survived (cheating death), they have to take a life to fill up Death's coffers.

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    Death Doesn't Like to Be Cheated

    Bludworth: "Death doesn't like to be cheated."
    Sam: "Excuse me?"
    Peter: "What's that supposed to mean?"
    Bludworth: "You all just be careful now."
    Peter: "Okay, thanks for the advice - creepy guy..."

    As we've learned in the previous four 'Final Destination' movies, Death really gets pissed when someone cheats (and sometimes it's better to just go on and die, initially).

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