35 Awesome and Informative Food Infographics

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This list features the most interesting, informative, cool looking, and delicious food infographics on the Internet. Infographics are a great way to get across lots of information in a simple, easy to digest design. Infographics can be about anything, but this list features only infographics that contain information about food, beverages, food production, and the state of food supplies in the world today.

From how to infographics that can help you create your own maple syrup, to a breakdown of poverty and obesity rates in U.S. states, the food infographics on this list will fascinate and educate you about the food you put in your body each day, and where exactly that food comes from.

Which GMO crops should you avoid? How you should organize your refrigerator to maximize efficiency? Click through this list of food infographics to learn all this and more!
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