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The naughty "aughts" - AKA the years from 2000 to 2009 - were a great time for music. But thanks to the sheer volume of superstars on the scene, there were plenty of forgotten one-hit wonders of the '00s. Listen to a few seconds of any of these songs, though, and you might just find yourself singing along.

These one-time hits range in genre, but they all dominated the radio. You might recall soca singer Kevin Lyttle's undeniable smash "Turn Me On," or pop impresario Samantha Mumba's addictive "Gotta Tell You." Both of these singers have gone on to continued success in the entertainment industry. And then there are '00s one-hit wonders like Willa Ford, the pop star behind "I Wanna Be Bad." Remember that track?

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Pop-punk powerhouses Bowling For Soup made their name in 2004 with the bubbly smash "1985." Although the track was their biggest hit, BFS has continued to churn out music. In 2014, they celebrated two decades as a band and then released yet another album in 2016.

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R&B chanteuse Blu Cantrell had her biggest hit with the Grammy-nominated revenge anthem "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)." But her heavenly voice continued to grace airwaves for years after. Her next album yielded the UK smash "Breathe," featuring Sean Paul.

Cantrell took the stage for a 2007 musical, and appeared on TV in a show called Celebrity Circus. Despite having some public battles with mental illness, she has continued performing, touring in Australia with TLC and Nelly.

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"I Don't Want You Back" By Eamon (2003)

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The profanity-laced "F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)" was the break-up anthem of the early 2000s. As crooned by Staten Island singer Eamon, the song was a no-holds-barred rant against an ex-girlfriend in Eamon's self-proclaimed sub-genre of "ho-wop." Eamon's alleged ex-girlfriend, Frankee, created a firestorm by issuing a track called "FU Right Back," in which she alleged he almost gave her crabs.

Eamon is still singing today. He released a single, "Be My Girl," on April 7, 2017.

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"This Is Why I'm Hot" By MIMS (2007)

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Rapper MIMS hit the big time in 2007 with his #1 smash "This Is Why I'm Hot," a simplistic, yet irresistible, tune off of his debut album, Music Is My Savior. His second album was released to less fanfare, and MIMS sued his label, Capitol Records, for millions. He's still performing around the country and is active on Twitter.

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"Party Like A Rockstar" By The Shop Boyz (2007)

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"Totally, dude!" proclaimed hip-hop group The Shop Boyz in 2007 in their chart-topping anthem "Party Like a Rockstar." This one song marked the zenith of TSB's success, but they didn't give up. They released a mixtape and digital singles in 2015. Currently, the group is partying like rock stars independently.

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"What Would You Do?" By City High (2001)

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R&B/hip-hop trio City High's moving "What Would You Do?" captivated listeners in 2001. There were some internal tensions - lead singer Claudette Ortiz dated bandmate Robby Pardlo, and then she and other band member Ryan Toby married, then divorced.

After the group broke up, Ortiz released a few singles and hit a difficult patch before joining the cast of R&B Divas: Los Angeles. Toby released a new single, and Pardlo struggled with personal demons on TV and is currently working his way back towards a music career.

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Irish pop princess Samantha Mumba electrified American airwaves in 2000 with her international smash "Gotta Tell You." Her husky vocals added verve to an otherwise standard tune. The song was her one big hit in the United States, but she enjoyed continued success in the UK.

Mumba later moved to acting and broadcasting. The singer hosted Celebrity Masterchef, is a mom and a wife, and was announced as the celebrity face of the Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt.

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"I Wanna Be Bad" By Willa Ford (2001)

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Unlike Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, pop singer Willa Ford didn't start out with an "innocent" act. Her first (and only) successful single was called "I Wanna Be Bad." The undeniably catchy number featured a rap from Royce Da 5'9", but didn't kick off a successful musical career for Ford.

Currently an interior designer, Ford is married to a former NFL player. She gave birth to her first child in 2016. Ford also competed on Dancing With the Stars in its third season, and occasionally works as an actress.

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